Hello Kitty Island Adventure Gemstone Critter List Guide

Hello Kitty Island Adventure Gemstone Critter List

Last Updated on 8 August, 2023

Hello Kitty Island Adventure Gemstone Critter List Guide – Location & requirements to get the Gemstone Critter List

Welcome to Big Adventures Park, where making friends is important and excitement abounds! Join your charming new pals in an amazing environment filled with adorable animals, delectable food, and several secrets to discover.

Learn about adorable and amiable characters like Hello Kitty, Kuromi, Cinnamoroll, and more by learning about their interests, going on adventures with them, and ultimately becoming best friends. To attract new tourists and create your own island paradise, craft unique things, solve antiquated puzzles, and embellish cabins.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure Gemstone Critter List Guide – How to Get

You won’t find out about the Gemstone Critter List in Hello Kitty Island Adventure until you interact with Keroppi and receive the “Restore the Nature Preserve” mission. There are five different Critter Lists available. You must engage with a different game character in order to complete the Gemstone Critter List.

Craft the Snorkel

The first step is to become a certified diver, which you can only achieve if you and Kuromi have reached Friendship Level 6. You can then access her “Deep Diving” quest from there. The Snorkel’s crafting instructions are in Kuromi’s possession, but she won’t give them to you until you assist her in getting something back.

She dropped a necklace in the swamp, and to assist you retrieve it, she will offer you a temporary snorkel. You can learn how to play the game by completing this task, which is helpful. The locket must be located and given back to Kuromi. In the Hello Kitty Island Adventure, she will give you the crafting plans, bringing you one step closer to the gemstone critter list.

It’s time to locate the Gemstone Critter List in Hello Kitty Island Adventure now that we have access to it. To dive, don’t forget to create the Snorkel first. Bring the materials listed below to the crafting table with the crafting plans:

Snorkel Recipe: x2 Ignot, x2 Spark, x10 Rubber


We can start looking for the location of the gemstone critter list now that you have your snorkel. Jump off the pier within the Nature Preserve, then swim to the center of the Reef creature room. Keep to the beach’s left side. There should be an exclamation point there. Swim as much as you can on top of it. Dive down and locate the basket from there. Once you have given Keroppi the Gemstone Critter List, you can complete the task.

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