Hero Siege Runewords – Full List

Hero Siege Runewords

Last Updated on 23 July, 2021

Hero Siege Runewords – Full list of runewords, with their rune order, base and effects – Helmets, Weapons, Armor, Boots, Gloves & Charms

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Hero Siege Runewords – Helmets

  • Thinking Cap – Base: Cap, War Hat, Shako, Runes: Lux,Wei,Von,Ye, Effect: Mana Shield
  • Lightforge – Base: Hydraskull, Sallet, Skull Cap, Runes: Wii,Dam,Val,Hel, Effect:
  • Scholar – Base: Cap, War Hat, Shako, Runes: Wei,Ye,Xeo, Effect:

Hero Siege Runewords – Armor

  • Bristle – Base: Hauberk, Scarab Plate, Cuirass, Runes: Bo,Efoel,Drax,Bo,fem, Effect: Thorns Aura
  • Mystify – Base: Hard Leather Armor, Studded Leather, Dusk Shroud, Runes: Val,Ist,Sal, Effect: Spellbreak
  • Force – Base: Hauberk, Scarab Plate, Cuirass, Runes: Sal,Dau,Ox,Jah,Ox,Rex, Effect: Armor Break
  • Fortress – Base: Templar Coat, Sharktooth Armor, Steel Armor, Runes: Ham,Efoel,Ham,Val,Fem,Hel, Effect: Holy Freeze Aura
  • Gladstone Goose’s Jacket – Base: Quilted Armor, Demonhide Armor, Trellised Armor, Runes: Hyg,Hel,Hyg,Hel,Gul,Fem
  • Mayhem – Base: Viperhide Armor, Leather Coat, Serpenthide Armor, Runes: Ist,Hyg,Von,Yeet,Von,Def, Effect: Moonshine Madness
  • Shroud of Elements – Base: Viperhide Armor, Leather Coat, Serpenthide Armor,Flaming Coat, Thunderhide Coat, Frozen Coat, Toxichide Coat, Runes: Val,Jah,Val,Ist,Fox, Effect: Elemental Break
  • Enigma – Base: Hard Leather Armor, Studded Leather, Dusk Shroud, Runes: Zod,Gul,Dam, Effect: Teleport

Hero Siege Runewords – Gloves

  • Soulbraces – Base: Any, Runes: Val,Von,Sal, Effect: Soul Spurn
  • Breach Gauntlets – Base: Any, Runes: Val,Hyg,Von, Effect:

Hero Siege Runewords – Boots

  • Quickstep – Base: Any, Runes: Xeo,Qi, Effect:

Hero Siege Runewords – Weapons

Melee Weapons

  • Breath of the Dying – Base: Hand Axe, Flail, War Hammer, Runes: Dam,Lem,Dam,Dau,Hel,Val, Effect: Poison Nova
  • Judge – Base: War Hammer, Runes: Zod,Ox,Val,Hel,Gul, Effect: Taunt
  • Perdition – Base: Hand Axe, Broad Sword, Short Sword, Runes: Dau,Hae,Hel,Qi, Effect: Fanaticism
  • Ravager – Base: Long Sword, Double Axe, Katana, Battle Crusher, Runes: Dau,Jah,Yeet,Aux,Jex,Von, Effect: Concentration
  • Kogarasumaru – Base: 2-handed Katana, Runes: Dam,Jah,Wii,Dam,Jah,Dau, Effect: Kogarasumaru Buff
  • Mjolner – Base: War Hammer, Runes: Jex,Gul,Jex,Gul,Jex, Effect: Mjolner’s Lightning
  • Ascendancy – Base: Dagger, Runes: Hug,Val,Ist, Effect: Overwhelming Power

Spell Weapons

  • Catastrophe – Base: Staff, Cane, Runes: Yeet,Def,Yeet,Nut,Sal,Hyg, Effect: Armageddon
  • Preacher – Base: Book of Spells, Runes: Ham,Yeet,Ist,Lem, Effect: Restless Spirits
  • Will of Thanos – Base: Staff, Cane, Runes: Lem,Hyg,Ist,Val,Rex,Lem, Effect: Master Summoner
  • Revelation – Base: Book of Spells, Runes: Ist,Yeet,Jex,Rex,Lem, Effect: Revelation AoE
  • Sovereignty – Base: 1-handed Spellblade, Runes: Val,Ist,Gul,Gul,Fox,Val, Effect: Rule of Order

Bow Weapons

  • Potency – Base: Short War Bow, Runes: Wii,Def,Dam,Fem,Jah,Wii, Effect: Armor Break
  • Sleight – Base: Crossbow, Runes: Dam,Wii,Fem,Ox,Val, Effect: Concentration
  • Windstride – Base: Longbow, Long Battle Bow, Long War Bow, Long Hyrda Bow, Runes: Def,Sal,Def,Sal,Val, Effect: Feint
  • Arcanum – Base: Short War Bow, Runes: Gul,Hel,Fem,Vak,Hyg,Zom, Effect: Arcanum’s Fury

Other Weapons

  • Valkyrie – Base: Javelin,Pilum,Glaive, Runes: Nut,Jex,Val,Lem,Val, Effect: Valkyrie Clone
  • Carnage – Base: Heavy Cannon, Battle Blaster, War Cannon, Runes: Gul,Zod,Val,Zod,Hel,Val, Effect: Carnage Missile
  • Big Joe – Base: Chainsaw, Woodcutter, Slicer, Runes: Yeet,Rex,Jah,Val,Dau,Fem, Effect: Big Joe’s Throw
  • Virulence – Base: Any Flask, Runes: Lem,Val,Lem,Hyg, Effect: Virulence Cloud

Hero Siege Runewords – Charms

  • Rainbow – Base: Any, Runes: Vex,Aux,Jah,Ist, Effect:
  • Havoc – Base: Any, Runes: Wii,Dam,Val,Hel, Effect:

Hero Siege Runewords – Shields

  • Mirage – Base: Any, Runes: Gul,Ist,Gul,Ber,Val, Effect: Spell Mirror
  • Shelter – Base: Any, Runes: Rex,Efoel,Fox,Sal,Hel, Effect: Mending
  • Arcane Bastion – Base: Any, Runes: Lux,Rex,Wei,Rex,Ye, Effect: Spell Bulwark

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