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Hero Wars Guide

Last Updated on 15 December, 2022

Hero Wars Guide – If you want to get the best Hero Wars resources, don’t miss this detailed guide on how to acquire them. Read on to find out more!

To upgrade your character and obtain new heroes, for example, you must gather a variety of various resources in Hero Wars.

You can gain a variety of resources by playing the game frequently, but you might wish to farm a few in specific to progress more quickly or complete a level.

So that you can learn how to obtain different resources in Hero Wars and what they are used for, we have created this guide.

Gold is the most prevalent resource in Hero Wars, and you may earn the majority of it through farming already completed levels and completing tower runs.

Energy is a valuable resource because stages cannot begin without it.

The daily quests tab and the one energy you get every five minutes will provide the most of your energy.

EXP potions can mostly be obtained through stage rewards and store purchases.

Emeralds are very expensive and are typically acquired through quests, events, and arena rewards; more details on how to earn each resource and what to use it for is provided below.

Let’s see it!

Hero Wars Guide – How To Get Gold

Gold is the most often used form of money in Hero Wars. Gold is necessary for several things, including buying specific items from the store.

Because you need gold to upgrade your heroes in Hero Wars, it is quite valuable.

It costs gold, and a lot of it, to upgrade your skills, get promoted, make gear, and do other things.

The cost of upgrading these things rise exponentially, which means you need a ton of gold, later on, to maintain upgrading your heroes.

In Hero Wars, there are a number of ways to earn gold, including finishing routine and daily quests, events, selling items obtained via gameplay, and guild rewards.

The most effective way to obtain a lot of gold quickly, though, is by doing runs in the tower.

You’ll get more gold from the reward chest as you complete more floors in the tower.

Another effective strategy for farming gold is repeating previously completed stages again.

Last but not least, the theater feature can also get you a significant amount of gold. Instead, you should probably reserve those tickets for emeralds or energy.

Hero Wars Guide – How To Get Energy

Hero Wars need energy; without it, the game is unplayable.

Depending on the battle you’re entering, each stage you begin costs a specific amount of energy.

Therefore, if you have the opportunity, you should always grab an energy reward.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many ways to gain energy in Hero Wars.

Claiming energy under the daily quests tab is the main method of obtaining energy in addition to the one energy you automatically receive every five minutes.

You have a total of three free claims every day for 60 free energy. However, you are required to use the energy between the hours of 08:00 to 11:00, 13:00 to 16:00, and 20:00 to 23:00, all time zones.

You will get 180 free energy per day if you use the 60 energy inside the three-time window.

You also gain some energy every time your team levels up, however it is less effective when you reach a high team level.

Using the theater feature is another way to get energy.

You receive one theater ticket for seeing one ad, which you can exchange for 12 energy.

Check out the event page for the most recent events. The game also occasionally has an event that lets you farm energy.

Finally, as gems can be used to buy energy, you can gather gems and use them to purchase energy, effectively farming energy.

Hero Wars Guide – How To Get EXP Potions

In Hero Wars, leveling up your heroes is one of the main ways to upgrade them.

EXP is required to level up a hero, and EXP potions provide it.

A single EXP potion can level up a hero quite a few times early on in the game, but as the game progresses, you’ll need many to maintain boosting their power.

As a result, you should occasionally try to farm EXP potions.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to obtain additional EXP potions in Hero Wars.

In Hero Wars, stage rewards and shops are the primary sources of EXP potions. The quality of the EXP potions you receive from stages improves as you progress further in the game.

Because the quality of EXP potions from stages increases, it helps with the exponentially increasing exp requirements.

You can go back to earlier stages to gather EXP potions from them if you get stuck at a particular one.

The regular shop, where you can buy EXP potions for gold, is one of the shops where you may buy EXP potions, which is the game’s second main source of them.

Hero Wars Guide – How To Get Emeralds

Emeralds, the premium currency in Hero Wars, are challenging to farm due to their high worth.

The Emeralds are important for a variety of things and are obviously necessary to buy chests, which contain heroes and hero fragments.

Emeralds can also be used to pay for extra energy, raid tickets, etc.

Because emeralds are so valuable, you should seize any chance you get to get them.

Despite how valuable they are, there are a few ways to obtain emeralds in Hero Wars.

First off, rewards from the arena that are sent to your mailbox as you advance in rank might be rather large.

Make careful to use all of your daily arena entrances because we’ve been able to earn close to 100 gems a couple of times every day by moving up in the arena.

Be careful to take advantage of the emerald rewards offered by the majority of events, including the daily login event.

Playing the game further is another option to obtain extra gems. Emeralds are frequently offered as rewards in quests that require you to finish a specified stage.

However, you can only complete these types of quests once, and they might be difficult to complete if you are stuck at a particular stage.

Last but not least, using the theater tool, you can earn emeralds by watching ads.

Each ad you view is worth 6 emeralds since 5 theater tickets can be swapped for thirty emeralds.

Completing offers on the free gems tab in the bottom menu on the main screen is another comparable way to obtain emeralds.

Here, you can find promotions that reward you with a set number of emeralds in exchange for playing a different mobile game up to a certain level.

Hero Wars Guide – How To Get Equipment

In Hero Wars, equipment is important and helpful for your heroes because it not only increases their stats but also because it is necessary for promoting a hero.

When a hero has all of its equipment slots filled, you can advance them to the next tier to permanently boost their stats.

Therefore, farming equipment is a fantastic approach to boost the strength of your heroes and therefore, that of your team.

In Hero Wars, farming stages—including those you’ve already completed—is the primary method of obtaining equipment.

You can quickly accumulate a lot of stuff by battling through stages because many of them provide you with many pieces of gear each time you accomplish them.

Equipment can also be obtained by combining equipment recipes and buying them in various stores.

Finally, you’ll frequently discover that promoting a hero requires a single specific piece of equipment.

In these situations, you can press the lacking item and create it by spending gold and the necessary lower equipment.

You can click on them to see which stages drop them if you don’t have the necessary lower grade equipment.

There are also descriptions of each resource’s uses and where to obtain them in Hero Wars.

You can leave other ways in the comments section below, and we’ll add them to this guide if you think our readers should be know of them.

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