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Heroes Online Quirks

Last Updated on 27 September, 2022

Welcome to the Heroes Online Quirks Guide, the skills that you unlock with SP, learn about their bonuses and moves for your combats

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Heroes Online Quirks – Legendary

Legendary Quirks: One for all, HellFlame, All for one and also Overhaul

One For All

Legendary, high damage, close range and also high knockback

Description: The Quirk of a legend, once wielded by the symbol of peace. Its moves are heavily focused on pushing enemies back or setting them up for further damage.


Legendary, high damage, medium range and also versatile

Description: One of the strongest fire quirks, notable for its unique usage of fire and varied moves.

All For One

Legendary, decent damage, mid-close range and also quirk steal

Description: The quirk of ultimate infamy, originally wielded by the super villain All For One. This quirk lets you disable quirks and dish out heavy damage in return


Legendary, AoE, low damage and also Lock-On

Description: A quirk that lets the user change whatever they touch, restoring, reforming, or destroying anything with a single touch.

Heroes Online Quirks – Epic

Epic Quirks: Muscle Augmentation, Flame, Explosion, Cremation and also Ice

Muscle Augmentation

Epic, Very High damage, high knockback and also slow attacks

Description: “A Quirk that gives it’s user the ability to manipulate, fortify, and amplify their muscle mass. This quirk can almost rival the power of One For All in terms of raw power and strength.”


Epic, high DPS, mid-close range and also stun focused

Description: “The iconic fire quirk, notable for its flame pillars and flame dispersion move, it can be a great addition to any fight.”


Epic, heavy damage, medium range and also knockback focused

Description: “A quirk that emphasises heavy knockback and explosions. Notable for being flashy with its moves.”


Epic, decent damage, short AoE and also burning effect

Description: “A fire quirk which rivals Hellflame, very notable for its high damage and blue flames, utilized by Dabi.”


Epic, medium damage, mid-long range and also AoE focused

Description: “A quirk of low temperatures, notable for its similarities with Cement, with an added stun effect.”

Heroes Online Quirks – Rare

Rare Quirks: Foldabody, Zero Gravity, Regen, Naval Laser and also Cremation


Rare, medium damage, medium range and also stun

Description: “This is the quirk used by the pro hero Edgeshot in the anime series. This quirk allows the user to manipulate the thinness of their body and stretch it. The user’s body can be as sharp as a knife by folding his body in different ways.”

Zero Gravity

Rare, medium damage, medium range and also stun setup

Description: “This rare quirk has the ability to negate gravitational pull, an useful ranged quirk accompanied by a stun flip for setup”


Rare, low damage, close range, support focused and also high sustainability

Description: “This rare quirk has very little combat uses, but it can heal the user and those around them very quickly.”

Naval Lazer

Rare, medium damage, long range and also knockback focused

Description: “This rare quirk provides the ability to shoot lasers out of the user’s navel. Very long range focused with some knockback moves and medium to heavy damage.”


Rare, medium damage, medium range, auto canon, x-ray vision and also AoE focused

Description: “This is the quirk used by the Hero Creati, The quirk allows you to create weapons and useful tools on the fly to track, attack and defend. The quirk noticeably only has one direct attack move as all others are either buffs or automatic”

Heroes Online Quirks – Common

Common Quirks: Cement, Somnambulist, Acid, Egine and also Electrification


Common, medium damage, mid-close range and also AoE focused

Description: “This common quirk has decent all around power, with noticeable similarities with Ice. Allows the user to reform cement, adapt for industrial areas.”


Common, medium damage, close range, DoT and also stun focused

Description: “This common quirk bestows the ability to release a pacifying gas from the user’s pores”


Common, Extremely High Damage, Far range, DoT and also High Stun damage

Description: “This is one of the common quirks you can obtain from spins. It shares many traits with Electrification, as its lack of any visual features, and moves that operate almost identically in concept.”


Common, medium damage, close range, knockback focused and also speed buff

Description: “This is one of the common quirks, notable for having an unique animation for dashes, as well as a more than average speed boost.”


Common, high damage and also mid-close range

Description: “This is one of the common quirks you can obtain from spins. Its electric attacks are very minimal, and it has no visible effects on the characters body, but it has great damage and is a good quirk for starters.”

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