Hitman 3 Missions Guide – Full List

Hitman 3 Missions

Last Updated on 22 February, 2022

Hitman 3 Missions Guide – Full List – Quick walkthrough for every mission in Dubai, Dartmoor, Berlin, Chongquin, Mendoza & Carpathian Mountains

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Hitman 3 Missions Guide – Dubai

  • Staff area door codes: 4706
  • Security room safe codes: 6927
  • Guest bedroom safe code: 7465

(In)Security mission walkthrough

  1. Infiltrate the Staff Area
  2. Locate the Missing Recruit
  3. Acquire the Recruitt’s Orders
  4. Disguise yourself as the Recruit
  5. Report to the guards in the Security office
  6. Wait for Marcus (Security Office)
  7. Give your orders to Stuyvesant
  8. Follow Stuyvesant to the Balcony
  9. Hit the 4 targets with knifes

Bird of Prey mission walkthrough

  1. Disguise yourself as Zana The Vulture Kazem
  2. Talk to Omar al-Ghazali’s personal Assistant
  3. Follow the assistant (meeting room)
  4. Wait for Ingram (meeting room)
  5. Listen Ingram
  6. Locate Hans Lucht
  7. Take a picture of Hans Luch (incapacitated)
  8. Give the picture to the assistant
  9. Follow the assistant (Penthouse)
  10. Talk to Ingram

How the Mighty Fall mission walkthrough

  1. Infiltrate the staff area
  2. Follow Grey’s instructions
  3. Locate the scenic route
  4. Find the server room
  5. Use the access terminal
  6. Activate the manual override procedure
  7. Hide
  8. Obtain the server room keycard
  9. Use the keycard on the column next to the main console
  10. Acquire admin privileges
  11. Re order the schedule
  12. Disguise yourself as a Penthouse Guard
  13. Infiltrate the Penthouse floor
  14. Find the Lounge & wait until the guards leave
  15. Activate Secure meeting

Hitman 3 Missions Guide – Dartmoor

  • Alexa Carlisle’s office safe: 1975

Means, Motive and Opportunity mission walkthrough

  1. Follow the private investigator
  2. Disguise yourself as the private investigator
  3. Meet Alexa Carlisle in the Foyer
  4. Follow Mr Fernsby
  5. Investigate Zachary’s bedroom
  6. Ask Mr Fernsby for more information
  7. Question suspects and search locations of interest
    1. Suspects: Gregory Carlisle, Edward Carlisle, Rebecca Carlisle, Emma Carlisle, Patrick Carlisle.
    2. Zachary’s bedroom: 6 clues
    3. Emma and Gregory’s room: 4 clues
    4. Rebecca’s room: 2 clues
    5. Mr Fernsby’s office: 3 clues
    6. The Greenhouse: 2 clues
  8. Report to Mr Fernsby and follow him > Emma is the murderer

Her Final Resting Plan mission walkthrough

  1. Get rid of the birds nesting in the graveyard
  2. Disguise yourself as the undertaker
  3. Inform the staff member that you are ready for Alexa Carlisle & waif for her to arrive

A Day to remember mission walkthrough

  1. Disguise yourself as the Photographer
  2. Find the fuse cell
  3. Power up the camera flashes
  4. Take a photo of the staff member
  5. Wait for the staff member to text down the Carlisle family

Hitman 3 Missions Guide – Berlin

  • Rolf Hirschmuller’s office safe: 1989

No mission Stories

Hitman 3 Missions Guide – Chongqing

  • ICA (apartment & container) & Laundromat: 0118
  • Rest of the codes: 2552

Certainty Principle mission walkthrough

  1. Listen in on the conversation
  2. Find the P41 form
  3. Dsguise yourself as the board member
  4. Talk & follow the guide
  5. Approach the guards to get frisked
  6. Follow the guide & hack the computer
  7. Follow Royce & Listen to her

Impulse Control mission walkthrough

  1. Disguise yourself as homeless
  2. Find the entrance to the homeless shelter
  3. Follow the guard, wait & take a seat
  4. Find the test subject (top floor) and disguise your self as the test subject
  5. Inform the researcher that you are ready
  6. wait until they come & take a seat

All-Seeing Eyes mission walkthrough

  1. Find the broken drone & hack it using your camera
  2. Shoot down 5 drones, and the remainng 2 (total = 7)
  3. Listen in on Royce
  4. Wait for the meetup in the Lotus Passage

Hitman 3 Missions Guide – Mendoza

  • Wine Fridge lasers: 1945
  • Villa basement safe: 2006

The Tour mission walkthrough

  1. Disguise yourself as the chief winemaker
  2. Join the guests > Present the fermentation room > the barrel room > finish the tour

Closing Statement walkthrough

  1. Disguise yourself as the Sommelier
  2. Disable the lasers
  3. Acquire the 1945 Grand Paladin
  4. Follow the head of Security
  5. Present the 1945 Grand Paladin & Observe the meeting
  6. Get to Diana
  7. Take out the top floor guards
  8. Talk to Diana
  9. Wait for Yates
  10. Watch the confrontation & Take out Security
  11. Eliminate Yates & hide the body
  12. Disguise yourself appropriately

Eyes on Target walkthrough

  1. Disguise yourself as a Gaucho
  2. Steal a Spotter’s Earpiece
  3. Equip Camera
  4. Scan practice target
  5. Scan Tamara Vidal & Talk to her
  6. Dispose of Vidal’s Bodyguards
  7. Order the shot

Over the top mission walkthrough

  1. Follor the senior worker
  2. Disguise yourself as a worker
  3. Find a Screwdriver, then a Wrench
  4. Expose the electrical wire
  5. Sabotage the wine pump

Hitman 3 Missions Guide – Carpathian Mountains

  • Store room door: 1979

No mission Stories

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