Hollow Knight All Charms Locations – And Notches

Hollow Knight All Charms Locations

Last Updated on 31 December, 2021

Hollow Knight All Charms Locations – Notches, Fragile & Unbreakable, reward, shop and hidden locations charms

Hollow Knight All Charms Locations – Notches

Unlock them all to equipo charms, you already have x3, but you can get x8 more

  1. 120 Geo > Salubra (Forgotten Crossroads) > Collect 5 Charms
  2. 500 Geo > Salubra (Forgotten Crossroads) > Collect 10 Charms
  3. 900 Geo > Salubra (Forgotten Crossroads) > Collect 18 Charms
  4. 1400 Geo > Salubra (Forgotten Crossroads) > Collect 25 Charms
  5. north-east of Cornifer in Fog Canyon (hidden area) > Unlock Isma’s Tear or Monarch Wings
  6. Fungal Wastes > Defeat 2 Shrumal Ogres
  7. Colosseum of Fools > Complete the Trial of the Warrior
  8. Dirtmouth, inside the tent of the  Grimm Troupe > Defeat Grimm

Hollow Knight All Charms Locations – All

  • Soul Catcher: Found at the very end of the Ancestral Mound, after killing the Elder Baldur
  • Soul Eater: Found in the Resting Grounds. Requires Desolate Dive/Descending Dark
  • Dashmaster: Found beneath a statue below the Mantis Village in the Fungal Wastes, near the entrance to the Royal Waterways
  • Spell Twister: A secret room on the top of the Soul Sanctum, just before fighting Soul Master
  • Quick Slash: Located in Kingdom’s Edge, on a massive anvil in a hidden room in front of a massive corpse known as an “Ancient Nailsmith
  • Mark of Pride: In the Mantis Village, in a chest in a room northeast of the Mantis Lords arena. The room requires to defeat the Mantis Lords before
  • Fury of the Fallen: Found in King’s Pass, the starting cavern, behind a spike-filled cavern. Look for the Geo cluster in the southwest part of the pit room. Dash or Nail-bounce to cross the spikes, and continue east to find the Charm
  • Thorns of Agony: Found in Greenpath in a maze of thorns featuring Charged Lumaflies. Requires Mothwing Cloak to reach
  • Baldur Shell: This Charm is located in the southwest portion of the Howling Cliffs, where there is a chest that drops only 1. Jumping down into the chest takes the Knight to a cave guarded by two Elder Baldurs. Defeating the one on the right opens a tunnel filled with Elder Baldur corpses that leads to the Charm
  • Glowing Womb: Glowing Womb can be acquired in the Forgotten Crossroads. The entrance is hidden to the right of the False Knight arena in the ceiling after a series of columns. There is a spike tunnel that can only be traversed after the Crystal Heart has been acquired. The area where the Charm is acquired is Infected even before triggering the Infected Crossroads. The Charm itself is found on the body of a giant Aspid Mother
  • Deep Focus: Found in Crystal Peak in a hidden cave made entirely of crystals. Below the area where you find Cornifer, look for a Husk Miner mining a wall. Break the wall to reveal the secret area
  • Lifeblood Core: On the left wall of the Abyss is a door that only opens when having 14 or more Lifeblood Masks, or 15 or more when using Joni’s Blessing. To get there Lifeblood Heart Charm & killing Lifeseeds
  • Joni’s Blessing: Found in Joni’s Repose in Howling Cliffs. The Charm is resting on the corpse of Blue Child Joni.
  • Hiveblood: In the Hive, below the room where the Hive Knight is fought. Requires defeating the Hive Knight
  • Spore Shroom: This Charm is located in the Fungal Wastes near a pool of acid, close to the entrances to the Queen’s Gardens and Deepnest. Requires Mantis Claw
  • Sharp Shadow: Located in Deepnest, Southeast of the Hot Spring behind a Shade Gate. Requires Shade Cloak
  • Shape of Unn: Acquired from Unn beneath the Lake of Unn. Requires Isma’s Tear
  • Weaversong: Found in the upper part of Weavers’ Den.
  • Dreamshield: Found in a room in the Resting Grounds, below the Seer’s room
  • Carefree Melody: After banishing the Grimm Troupe, the Charm can be acquired from Nymm by listening to him in Dirtmouth
  • Kingsoul: Get both White Fragments. The left half of Kingsoul is given by the White Lady in the Queen’s Gardens, the right half is taken off the body of the Pale King after completing the White Palace
  • Void Heart: Found in a secret area at the bottom of the Abyss known as the Birthplace

Reward Charms

  • Grubsong: Gifted by the Grubfather after 10 Grubs have been freed
  • Grubberfly’s Elegy: Gifted by the Grubfather after freeing all 46 Grubs
  • Flukenest: Dropped by Flukemarm in the Royal Waterways when defeated
  • Defender’s Crest: Reward from defeating Dung Defender in the Royal Waterways
  • Nailmaster’s Glory: Given by Sly after receiving all 3 Nail Arts from the Nailmasters
  • Dream Wielder: Given by Seer after gathering 500 Essence
  • Grimmchild: Troupe Master Grimm will give it to you in Dirtmouth after summoning the Grimm Troupe

Shop Charms

  • Wayward Compass: Bought from Iselda in Dirtmouth for 220 after the first encounter with Cornifer the cartographer
  • Gathering Swarm: Bought from Sly in Dirtmouth for 300
  • Stalwart Shell: Bought from Sly in Dirtmouth for 200
  • Shaman Stone: Bought from Salubra for 220 in the Forgotten Crossroads
  • Sprintmaster: Bought from Sly in Dirtmouth after acquiring the Shopkeeper’s Key for 400
  • Longnail: Bought from Salubra in the Forgotten Crossroads for 300
  • Quick Focus: Bought from Salubra in the Forgotten Crossroads for 800
  • Lifeblood Heart: Bought from Salubra in the Forgotten Crossroads for 250

Fragile & Unbreakable Charms

  • Fragile Heart: Purchased from Leg Eater in Fungal Wastes for 350. Wearing the Defender’s Crest Charm causes Leg Eater to lower the cost to 280
  • Unbreakable Heart: Give the Fragile Heart Charm to Divine to turn it unbreakable
  • Fragile Greed: urchased from Leg Eater in the Fungal Wastes for 250. Wearing the Defender’s Crest Charm causes Leg Eater to lower the cost to 200
  • Unbreakable Greed: Give the Fragile Greed Charm to Divine to turn it unbreakable
  • Fragile Strength: Purchased from Leg Eater in the Fungal Wastes for 600. Wearing the Defender’s Crest Charm causes Leg Eater to lower the cost to 480
  • Unbreakable Strength: Give the Fragile Strength Charm to Divine to turn it unbreakable

Check the Map if you have doubts about the locations

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