How Level Up Your XP Quickly in Palworld – Complete Guide

Last Updated on 23 January, 2024

So you want to be able to level up fast in PalWorld. You want to go from level one all the way to 50. Well, today I’m going to tell you guys exactly how to do it and why you want to level up fast in Power World. Because some of you might be asking, what’s the point, I can just level up normally. No, guys, you definitely want to level up fast. And the reason you want to do that is because you want to have access to one of the best resources and items in the game that are going to help you kill, destroy, and murder every single dungeon, every single boss, without having to repeat and retry.

So if you like how that sounds, I’m going to teach you guys exactly how to level up fast in PalWorld. Let’s go ahead and dive right into it.

So to kick it off, there are multiple ways to level up fast in the game. I’m going to give you guys one of the basic concepts and then I’m going to tell you guys the exact method I’ve been able to use to generate as much XP as I possibly can.

So with that being said, let’s start off with the first thing.

The Little Yellow Box

So when you get started, guys, you are going to get started with a little yellow box that appears on the right-hand side of your screen. Now, this little yellow box is basically a tutorial that will guide you all the way through the game. The thing with this is that every single time you complete a task in one of the tutorial parts, you will be getting a lot of XP. So this is a really good way to actually level up and hit maybe level 10, level 12, right off the bat just by doing this tutorial. In addition to that, there is the Pal Box.

Now, the Pal Box is another way to actually get good XP because every time you guys complete the mission objective in Pal Box, it will go ahead and award you XP. So now you know kind of like the basic things. Now, the thing where things get a little bit interesting and when you start leveling up, using it more often to level up faster is creating Pals.

Capture Pals Like Crazy

Now, every time you capture a Pal, based on the Pal that you get, it’s going to give you a nice little boost of XP. Now, it’s not going to determine the level of the Pal and how hard it is to capture that Pal, but you’ll be getting some really good XP just by capturing Pals. Now, the secret here is you want to make sure that as you’re playing the game, you start off by capturing unique Pals very often because every time you capture a unique Pal, with I mean like that, is a different Pal that you don’t have already captured, it’s going to give you a nice little boost in your XP for every additional Pal.

So instead of you focusing primarily on just capturing one identical Pal, you want to look for unique Pals because these are going to give you like 200, 300, 400 XP boost for the rarity of that specific Pal. So what I would do, if you start with the first portion of the area, capture every unique Pal you find within that first loading area to be able to get a good amount of XP right off the bat. So now that you’ve captured unique Pals, you will start to see the benefits of this.

Catch 10 of Each Pal

The best way to level up quickly is to catch 10 of each Pal. You don’t need to do this consecutively, you just need to catch ten (10) total of each Pal.  This gives you a huge XP boost and levels you up faster than almost any other technique. Simple. This will be easiest early on when you see much of the same Pals everywhere, but this is the best technique we have seen to boost your levels quickly.

Farm Fights in the Volcano

On the West side of the map, you’ll see the boss tower on top of the volcano. When you go there and start killing, you get 3K or more per kill.  This technique is a bit similar to the catching of 10 Pals that we mentioned early in terms of time. So it kind of depends on what you prefer doing. We recommend catching the 10 Pals first, especially some of the easier Pals. However, if you like battles, this is the one for you.

Change World Setting

To quickly advance your level in Palworld, start by choosing your world and accessing “Change World Settings.” Opt for the Custom difficulty and select “Custom Settings.” Within these settings, locate the EXP Rate as the third option and adjust the slider to 20. This adjustment will significantly accelerate your leveling progress.

Additionally, focus on activities that yield experience points. Ensure that you capture 10 of each Pal for a substantial EXP boost. Engage in frequent battles and capture new Pals to expedite your journey to level 50 much faster than the usual pace.

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