How to Change Jobs in Ragnarok Origin Easy Guide

How to Change Jobs in Ragnarok Origin Easy Guide

Last Updated on 21 August, 2023

How to Change Jobs in Ragnarok Origin Easy Guide. Discover how to change jobs in Ragnarok Origin with our easy guide. Explore the steps to change your job, understand the diverse range of job options, and learn when you can make your exciting switch. 

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How to Change Jobs in Ragnarok Origin Easy Guide

Ragnarok Origin is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). If you too are tired of your current job in Ragnarok Origin and looking for a switch. This guide is tailored for you.

Before diving into the steps to change jobs in Ragnarok Origin, it’s crucial to understand what ‘jobs’ actually mean in the context of this game.


Here is akin to the character classes in other RPGs. Your job determines your abilities, skills, and role within the game world. As such, job selection significantly impacts your gameplay experience.

How Many Times Can You Change Jobs?

You have the opportunity to change your job for free only once. Any subsequent changes will require the use of a job change ticket. This feature adds a layer of strategy to the game as players need to be careful about when and how they opt for job changes.

Steps to Change Jobs in Ragnarok Origin

Follow the steps below to change your job:

  1. Secure a Job Change Ticket: The first step to change your job is to get a job change ticket. This can be done through various means in the game, including purchase from the game shop or earning them through events.
  2. Gather Necessary Resources: Each job requires different resources to level up. Research your desired job and make sure you have the necessary materials ready to facilitate your job progression.

Types of Jobs in Ragnarok Origin

There’s a diverse range of jobs you can choose from, each located in a different city within the game. Here’s a quick list to guide your choices:

  • The Swordsman: Found in the port city of Izlude, the Swordsman is a frontline tank, boasting strong defenses.
  • The Acolyte: Located in Prontera, the capital city of Rune-Midgarts Kingdom, the Acolyte serves as a support character, providing healing and buffs to allies.
  • The Mage: Head to the magic city of Geffen if you wish to command the elements and use powerful magic attacks as a Mage.
  • The Thief: In the desert city of Morocc, you can become a Thief, characterized by swift attacks and stealth abilities.
  • The Merchant: Found in the commercial city of Alberta, the Merchant is a unique role, focusing on economic dominance and item production.
  • The Archer: Head to the mountain city of Payon to become an Archer, using your precision and ranged attacks to take down enemies from afar.

When to Pick a Job in Ragnarok Origin

As a new player, you might be eager to pick a job. However, you will need to complete the novice academy first. Following your graduation. After completing the novice academy, you will take a novice personality quiz. The game then assigns a class to you based on your answers. However, if the assigned class doesn’t meet your expectations, don’t worry! You still have the freedom to choose the class that suits you best.

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