How to Craft Change in Infinite Craft Guide

How to Craft Change in Infinite Craft Guide

Last Updated on 27 February, 2024

How to Craft Change in Infinite Craft Guide. Unlock the secret to crafting Change and explore transformative recipes in Infinite Craft.

How to Craft Change in Infinite Craft Guide

Crafting Change in Infinite Craft introduces a unique twist to gameplay, allowing players to create polar opposite versions of any element. Change and exploring its transformative effects on various items.

Recipe to Craft Change

  1. Volcano: Begin by combining Fire + Fire.
  2. Steam: Mix Fire + Water.
  3. Mud: Combine Steam + Earth.
  4. Brick: Create with Mud + Fire.
  5. Ocean: Form by mixing Water + Water.
  6. Island: Combine Ocean + Earth.
  7. Cloud: Generate with Steam + Water.
  8. Rain: Create from Cloud + Water.
  9. Rainbow: Produce by combining Rain + Water.
  10. Hawaii: Mix Volcano + Island.
  11. Paradise: Create with Island + Rainbow.
  12. Heaven: Form by combining Paradise + Paradise.
  13. Angel: Generate with Heaven + Paradise.
  14. God: Create by mixing Heaven + Angel.
  15. Adam: Form with God + Mud.
  16. Eve: Combine Adam + God.
  17. Human: Produce by combining Adam + Eve.
  18. Family: Create with Human + Human.
  19. House: Form by combining Family + Brick.
  20. Town: Generate with House + House.
  21. City: Create by mixing Town + House.
  22. Metropolis: Form with City + City.
  23. Megalopolis: Generate by combining City + Metropolis.
  24. Politician: Create with Megalopolis + Human.
  25. Obama: Mix Politician + Obama.
  26. Hope: Form by combining Obama + Rainbow.
  27. Change: Craft by mixing Obama + Hope.

Creative Recipes with Change

  • Throne: Change + Chair
  • Evolution: Change + Rocket
  • Progress: Change + Evolution
  • Revolution: Change + Throne
  • Phase: Change + Moon
  • Money: Change + Paper
  • Coin: Change + Money
  • Counterfeit: Change + Coin
  • Zombie: Change + Mummy
  • Titan: Change + Poseidon
  • Cartoon: Change + Animation

Discovering how to craft Change opens up endless possibilities for creativity and exploration in Infinite Craft. Experiment with adding Change to various items to uncover unique and innovative creations. For more Infinite Craft guides, including crafting numbers and bricks, visit Mejoress for the best guides.

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