How to Create Every Color in Infinite Craft Guide

How to Create Every Color in Infinite Craft Guide

Last Updated on 26 February, 2024

How to Create Every Color in Infinite Craft Guide – Combinations List. Discover how to create every color in Infinite Craft quickly and easily.

How to Create Every Color in Infinite Craft Guide

Infinite Craft is a logic-based browser game that encourages players to combine basic elements to create a wide array of items, including colors.

Creating Basic Colors in Infinite Craft

  • Red: Combine Blood + Color OR Paint + Blood
  • Yellow: Use Banana/Lemon + Color
  • Orange: Mix Red + Yellow
  • Green: Combine Bill Gates + Color
  • Blue: Cold + Color (Cold can be made by combining Fog + Sneeze)
  • Purple: Red + Blue
  • Pink: Aphrodite + Color OR Red + Pig
  • Black: Batman + Color
  • White: Antarctica + Color
  • Grey: Black + White

Advanced Color Combinations

  • Violet: Purple + Purple
  • Gold: Yellow + Yellow
  • Indigo: Violet + Purple
  • Magenta: Violet + Pink
  • Lime: Green + Yellow
  • Olive: Green + Black
  • Peach: Pink + White
  • Blush: Peach + Pink
  • Lavender: Violet + White/Iceland

How to Obtain ‘Color’ in Infinite Craft

To start creating colors, you must first discover the term “Color”. Here’s how:

  1. Rainbow + Change = Color (Rainbow is created by combining Rain + Fire)
  2. Rain is the result of Cloud + Earth
  3. Cloud comes from Wind + Steam
  4. Steam is produced by mixing Fire + Water
  5. Change is achieved by combining Obama + Hope
  6. Hope can be made with Obama + Rainbow
  7. Further combinations include Human = Adam + Eve, President = Human + Politician, Politician = Celebrity + Lunatic, Lunatic = Celebrity + Moon
    1. And so on, down to Fuel = Oil + Fire, Oil = Earth + Fossil, and Fossil = Stone + Plant.

This guide is designed to help Infinite Craft players efficiently explore color creation within the game, enhancing their gameplay experience.

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