How To Enable 120 FPS In Warframe Mobile

Warframe Mobile Unlock FPS
Photo: Digital Extremes

Last Updated on 22 February, 2024

Warframe Mobile Unlock FPS
Photo: Digital Extremes

How to switch to 120 FPS in Warframe Mobile. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss if it’s possible to unlock FPS and make so anticipated Warframe Mobile playable. We update this guide once any official information appears.

If you’re playing Warframe Mobile early on your iOS device, you may have noticed that the game is locked at 30 FPS. While it works fine for consoles, for mobile devices, 30 FPS is not playable, especially on high-end devices. For a fast-paced shooter like Warframe, it’s necessary to ensure you have at least 60 FPS.

How To Switch To 60 & 120 FPS In Warframe Mobile

At the moment of writing, Digital Extremes has yet to add Graphics Settings that allow you to change the FPS limit. So, you can’t switch to 60 or 120 FPS in Warframe Mobile. The game just released for the iOS platform, and even though modern iPhones and iPads are capable of running the game without lags and freezes, we are limited to an uncomfortable 30 FPS.

However, such a limitation is not a reason to worry about, at least for the next few weeks. The game has launched exclusively for iOS devices, and we assume the feature is on the line with further updates.

We’ll update this guide when we have more information about unlocking FPS on iOS devices.

Can You Unlock FPS In Warframe Mobile?

Even though the game doesn’t support unlocking the FPS limit, there are tested methotds to switch to 120 FPS without jailbreaking. If you are interested in it, check out the Reddit tutorial prepared by the user NextLvlBonobo. However, keep in mind that we haven’t tested this method, so go ahead at your own risk.

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