How to Evolve Axe in Vampire Survivors

How to Evolve Axe in Vampire Survivors

Last Updated on 27 December, 2022

How to Evolve Axe in Vampire Survivors – Evolution Steps, Tips that will help you, and our opinion of the Axe and the Death Spiral

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How to Evolve Axe in Vampire Survivors – Steps

Evolving Axe is quite simple, there are 4 steps in total:

  1. Unlock Axe: starting weapon of Lama Ladonna. It is unlocked by default
    • To unlock Lama Ladonna: She is unlocked upon surviving 20 minutes with at least 10% Curse active. She needs to be purchased for 500 gold, scales with other character purchased
  2. Get the Axe weapon to Level 8
  3. Get Candelabrador accessory power-up (passive item): Get Santa Water to Level 4
  4. Collect a rare enemy’s chest that spawns once the counter gets to 10:00 (survive for at least 10 minutes)

Axe Evolution Recipe > Axe + Candelabrador = Death Spiral

Tips to achieve evolution

  • Axe can be thrown further by moving left or right. The axes will also have wider arcs when paired with Projectile Speed bonuses
  • Since the axes are already large, Area bonuses are extra effective
  • A good strategy to focus damage with the axes is to get right below a crowd, and let the axes fly up into it

How to Evolve Axe in Vampire Survivors – Levels

Boosts by levels of the Axe:

  • 1st Level: High damage, high Area scaling
  • 2nd Level: +1 Projectile
  • 3rd Level: +20% Base damage
  • 4th Level: Passes through +2 enemies.
  • 5th Level: +1 Projectile
  • 6th Level: +20% Base damage
  • 7th Level: Passes through +2 enemies.
  • 8th Level: +20% Base damage

At max Level Axe will have +60% Base Damage, +2 Projectiles & will pass through +4 enemies

Boosts by levels of the Crown:

  • 1st Level: +10% Area of Attack – AoE
  • 2nd Level: +10% Area of Attack – AoE
  • 3rd Level: +10% Area of Attack – AoE
  • 4th Level:  +10% Area of Attack – AoE
  • 5th Level: +10% Area of Attack – AoE

At max Level Crown will have +50% Area of Attack – AoE

How to Evolve Axe in Vampire Survivors – Death Spiral

Death Spiral shoots out 9 spinning scythes around the player. Each scythe has extremely high pierce and are bigger, with damage reduction to compensate. It also has a bigger Area and the Projectile Speed

  • The fixed direction of the projectiles is vastly different compared to the arcing behavior of the Axe
  • Cooldown bonuses are very effective for the Death Spiral, because of its slow cooldown

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