How to Evolve Whip in Vampire Survivors

How to Evolve Whip in Vampire Survivors

Last Updated on 27 December, 2022

How to Evolve Whip in Vampire Survivors – Evolution Steps, Tips that will help you, and our opinion of the Whip and the Thunder Loop

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How to Evolve Whip in Vampire Survivors – Steps

Evolving Whip is quite simple, there are 4 steps in total:

  1. Unlock Whip by default (Starting weapon of Antonio Belpaese)
    1. To unlock Porta Ladonna: He is the character that every player begins with
  2. Get the Whip weapon to Level 8
  3. Get Hollow Heart accessory power-up (passive item): Survive 1 minute as any character
  4. Collect a rare enemy’s chest that spawns once the counter gets to 10:00 (survive for at least 10 minutes)

Whip Evolution Recipe > Whip + Hollow Heart = Bloody Tear

Tips to achieve evolution

  • Area bonuses make the Whip’s slashes larger both vertically and horizontally
  • With enough extra projectiles, the Whip can be a very deadly weapon when you are positioned south of enemies
  • The Whip has a decent amount of knockback, so it can be useful when trying to escape enemies closing in on you

How to Evolve Whip in Vampire Survivors – Levels

Boosts by levels of the Whip:

  • 1st Level: Attacks horizontally, passes through enemies
  • 2nd Level: +1 Projectile
  • 3rd Level: +5 Base damage
  • 4th Level: +5 Base damage & +10% Base Area
  • 5th Level: +5 Base damage
  • 6th Level: +5 Base damage & +10% Base Area
  • 7th Level: +5 Base damage
  • 8th Level: +5 Base damage

At max Level Whip will have +30 Base damage, +20% base area, and +1 projectiles

How to Evolve Whip in Vampire Survivors – Bloody Tear

The Bloody Tear’s critical hits are affected by Luck. The more luck you have, the more likely you are to deal critical hits. Luck can be increased with the Clover, Little Clovers, or the Luck Power-Up

The Bloody Tear’s life-steal effect can only trigger one time per volley of slashes. This means that to heal the fastest, you must maximize your cooldown bonuses and minimize your projectile count

So if you liked the Whip, The Bloody Tear is clearly superior, one of the best weapons you can get for the late game and one that you should certainly try.

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