How To Farm Materials in Deep Rock Galactic?

how to farm materials in deep rock galactic

Last Updated on 6 December, 2022

How To Farm Materials in Deep Rock Galactic –  Learn how to farm all the materials in Deep Rock Galactic with this complete guide. Are you going to miss it?

Along your mining quest in Deep Rock Galactic, it’s important to obtain more resources in addition to Gold and Nitra.

They are not only beautiful and shiny at dark, but you can also use them to unlock weapons, purchase upgrades, forge overclocks, and more!

Let’s look at how to farm materials in Deep Rock Galactic and where to find each one in this article.

In Deep Rock Galactic, aiming for long, difficult missions that have a high possibility of producing more resources and materials is the best approach to harvest materials. Missions with a high possibility of success include the Mining Expedition, Point Extraction, and Egg Hunt (avoid Elimination missions in most cases). In the end, search for missions with the Mineral Mania anomaly.

How To Farm Materials in Deep Rock Galactic

You may simply harvest a variety of items and crafting materials in Deep Rock Galactic using your pickaxe. After each mission, they can be loaded into the MULE and transported back to the Space Rig.

Most materials can be obtained via killing Huuli Hoarders, breaking open Cargo Crates, or looting Lost Packs in addition to being mined from the ore itself.

According to what you do, you can need a variety of materials. Therefore, using excellent farming methods can help you reach your goal more quickly.

Let’s check out where to locate each of the materials!

How To Farm Materials in Deep Rock Galactic – Bismor

Dense Biozone (best), Crystalline Caverns, Hollow Bough, and Salt Pits are the places where monsters spawn.

Bismor, a yellow cube mineral with some sticking orange spikes, spawns primarily on the ground. It may be mined using two pickaxe swings.

How To Farm Materials in Deep Rock Galactic – Croppa

Croppa is a mineral that is primarily formed on the Hoxxes wall and has purple spikes. In most situations, you’ll need an Engineer’s platform to quickly mine Croppa. Let the next task be completed by the Scout on your squad if you have one.

How To Farm Materials in Deep Rock Galactic – Enor Pearl

Spawn location: Radioactive Exclusion Zone is scarce; Salt Pits and Sandblasted Corridors are both abundant.

Enor Pearl is a little bit unique in comparison to the two previous examples. A pickaxe or Driller’s drill can be used to dig out an Enor Pearl, which spawn inside of a wall.

Look for walls that have numerous black, luminous spheres. Once you’ve located the center, just dig straight through the wall to harvest a big pearl.

How To Farm Materials in Deep Rock Galactic –  Jadiz

Spawn location: Fungus Bogs have a low spawn rate compared to Hollow Bough and Crystalline Caverns.

Similar to Enor Pearl, Jadiz spawn inside a wall as a large green chunk rather than on the ground. Jadiz is quite easy to identify because of its distinctive green glowing light in the land of the Hoxxes.

How To Farm Materials in Deep Rock Galactic  – Magnite

Location of spawn: Sandblasted Corridors have a low spawn rate compared to Glacial Strata and the Magma Core.

A tall, brown mineral called Magnite has several black spheres on it. Since Magnite mixes in so well with its surroundings, it is actually rather difficult to find. You can ask Scout on your team for his flare for the greatest results.

How To Farm Materials in Deep Rock Galactic – Umanite

Spawn location: Radioactive Exclusion Zone has an abundance, while Azure Weald, Dense Biozone, and Glacial Strata have scarcity.

Like Jadiz, umanite is a green crafting material in DRG, however unlike Jadiz, umanite spawns on the surface of the Hoxxes as a big, leaning chunk.

Most of the time, breaking an umanite chunk simply requires mining the bottom portion. This is a fantastic mining time-saving strategy.

How To Farm Materials in Deep Rock Galactic – Phazyonite

Location of spawning: In every biome, with a scarcity in salt pits.

Anywhere on the Hoxxes planet can produce phazyonite, a rare and thin purple mineral. The likelihood of discovering Phazyonite in a task is approximately 14%, or once every seven missions, even though it can be found in every biome.

In addition, mining Phazyonite yields less of it than other crafting materials. Therefore, mine them fast the next time you come across one of these purple minerals.


Spawn location: In every biome.

The most rare material in Deep Rock Galactic is ERR:/23Y%/, also known as Error Cube! Each assignment has a 3.8% probability that you will spawn with an average of 5 cubes and 200 hours of gameplay.

Error Cube spawns inside the wall like Jadiz or Enor Pearl and radiates a powerful purple light into the surrounding areas. Some of the mineral fragments that the cube generated may be seen along the wall.

Compressed Gold

Spawn location: In every biome.

We now go on to compressed gold, a typical resource in DRG. It’s a sizable lump of gold that, when targeted with a laser pointer, causes your dwarves to exclaim, “We’re rich!”

Look for any walls that have a few small golden bits on them if you want to find compressed gold. Then search deep in the center for a chunk of gold.

There is a 33.33% chance that each task will spawn at least 1 Compressed Gold. Additionally, each gold chunk yields 150–250 gold, which will afterwards be converted into 300–500 Credits.


Spawn location: In every biome.

There is a 4.76% (or 1/21) chance that each mission will generate at least one Bittergem. However, you typically only obtain one Bittergem for each mission due to its rarity.

The Bittergem must be retrieved by digging into the wall with some little purple bits, much as Compressed Gold.

1000–1500 Credits are the value of each Bittergem.

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