How to Fly in Dying Light – Guide

How to Fly in Dying Light

Last Updated on 14 July, 2022

How to Fly in Dying Light – Guide – A quick guide to learn to fly, with explanations, steps, and video tutorials to master flying in Dying light

It is a fun trick you can do with your friends, people have been using the jump trick for years to rain death a hunter. But only few know that you can also fly using the same trick

How to Fly in Dying Light – Requirements

If you want to fly you will need 3 items:

Make sure to have a few boosters with you that give you speed. You can use night hunter booster and use any other speed booster with it, like Eggnog, Grecpie or Halloween potions. You will also need a grappling hook.

How to Fly in Dying Light – Steps to Fly

You have to execute 3 steps in order, but make sure to time the steps 2 & 3

  1. Run towards a zombie
  2. Do a vault
  3. while performing the vault, grappling on the zombie

This should give you a huge jump boost and if you time the steps correctly you will start flying.

If it doesn’t work for you, keep trying and try to adjust the timing between step 2 & 3. Check the video guide (below) if you can’t fly yet. But remember, you need speed enough and then use the grappling hook while performing the vault

Video Guide

It is not as hard as it seems, it is all about timing, so maybe this video guide from the youtuber Best Gamer Ali helps you

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