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Last Updated on 21 April, 2024

If you want to unlock Legacy Piece’s strong 1 Sword Style (1SS), this tutorial will take you through the procedure step by step. With 1SS, you’re one step closer to becoming Roronoa Zoro!

Legacy Piece 1SS Guide – 1 Sword Style

In Legacy Piece, the 1 Sword Style is a dynamic and accessible combat method for players of all levels. However, it requires at least 1,000 Beli to acquire.

Steps to Unlock 1 Sword Style

  1. Acquire a Sword: Get a sword from Fusha Island to start by equipping it. You can do three things.:
    • For 850 Beli, you can buy the Crude Cutlass or the Hakuouki Katana from the shop behind the bar.
    • The Higuma Katana is a free boss drop that you can get by beating Higuma the Bandit. Getting the Higuma Katana for free will help you save your Beli, but it might take a few tries before it drops.
  2. Visit 1SS Island: To get from Fusha Island (Starting Island) to 1SS Island, which is to the east, you have to go through Shells Town. Use the spawn gem at the entry to set your spawn point when you get there.
  3. Interact with the Sword Style Trainer: On the left side of the road that leads from the docks to the island, you can find the Sword Style Trainer. If you talk to the teacher, he or she will tell you to kill two NPCs called Trained Swordsmen. Go to the school, beat the swordsmen outside, and then go back to the teacher.
  4. Complete Weight Training: After beating the swordsmen, continue to the gym again by following the waypoint, and improve your character through Weight Training. Interact with the mat, finish the training, and return to the teacher.
  5. Engage in Battles: Prepare for fights with the teacher and then the final master, Mirage Lotus. These fights will occur back to back, so be ready. Once successful, return to the teacher to properly learn 1SS.

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