How to Get 707’s Route Mystic Messenger – Days 0-4

How to Get 707's Route mystic messenger

Last Updated on 8 September, 2022

How to Get 707’s Route Mystic Messenger – Days 0-4 – All the choices / answers you need to unlock 707’s route

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Prologue – Day 0

  1. I am [your name]. Who are you all and what is this place?
  2. I am flustered too. I was connected to a stranger through a messenger app and he sent me the address.
  3. Ya. I know nothing.
  4. Any Answer or Choice
  5. Any Answer or Choice
  6. Also Any Answer or Choice
  7. Any Answer or Choice
  8. Any Answer or Choice
  9. I’m not really interested.
  10. Any Answer or Choice
  11. Any Answer or Choice
  12. I’m not interested.

How to Get 707’s Route Mystic Messenger – Day 1


  1. I’m a pretty unique person.
  2. Thank you ^^
  3. Have fun~


  1. Hello, 707.
  2. The cat’s pretty… haha
  3. Seven just seems like he likes to joke around?
  4. I think he’s funny.
  5. Bye, my bae character~
  6. I’ll believe you.
  7. Any Answer or Choice


  1. You’re not playing games?
  2. I think yes way;
  3. Can’t you just tell me?
  4. Any Answer or Choice
  5. Good bye, Seven.


  1. How do you do, Mr. Han?
  2. Why?
  3. Is the job hard?
  4. I’ll try my best.
  5. I’m not interested.
  6. Conquering the world.
  7. Any Answer or Choice


  1. Whoah~! Who is this guy?!
  2. Because you like me?
  3. Maybe she is really still alive?
  4. She’s beautiful
  5. Why did you have to show it now;;
  6. Okay.
  7. Thank you for telling me all these things.


  1. Jaehee, you’re still awake.
  2. I plan to try my best.
  3. I am curious of 707.
  4. You’re fun too
  5. Any Answer or Choice

How to Get 707’s Route Mystic Messenger – Day 2


  1. 1:Seven, what are you doing?
  2. I don’t think it’s bad to spend a lot of time doing what you like.
  3. Negative
  4. Any Answer or Choice
  5. 110-000-110 & 111-000-111
  6. I’m just kidding lolol
  7. I love twisted love. OH YEAH.
  8. Seven, just let me know if there’s anything I can do~
  9. Talk with me a bit longer~
  10. thx thx
  11. Okay haha. Don’t strain yourself.


  1. Good morning, Zen!
  2. You don’t like cat related projects?
  3. Why?
  4. Then I’m gonna catch you lol
  5. Any Answer or Choice
  6. I agree! Your face must be protected no matter what, Zen!
  7. Good luck, Jaehee! I’ll be hoping for that too.
  8. I think that’s a good idea. More and more people are allergic these days. Tell him to contact me
  9. Let’s get to know each other, Jaehee~
  10. Good luck today!
  11. Wow. You have meetings with directors? So cool!


  1. a;ejag;ifjdklv!!
  2. What’s up meow? Over.
  3. None lol If I had to say, it would just be this weird situation happening right now.
  4. Thanks, Seven ^^
  5. Don’t you have any photos of you?
  6. Any Answer or Choice
  7. Just adopt one!
  8. Your maid is very fierce;;
  9. So awesome!!
  10. Good!! Two birds with one stone!
  11. Any Answer or Choice
  12. Don’t go T_T


  1. Jaehee, did you have lunch?
  2. The side dishes don’t look so good.
  3. Yoosung, Cheer up. Money’s nothing compared to a good heart!
  4. Cheer up, Jaehee!!
  5. I trust Seven about that.
  6. I’m a bit nervous to be honest, since I don’t know V at all.
  7. So Seven works for RFA and as a hacker too.
  8. Perhaps they are being careful to make sure everyone is safe?
  9. I thought Seven was always the secretive type?
  10. I’m worried he’s working on some dangerous things.
  11. Oooh. Just like a movie lol
  12. Jaehee, it must be so hard to do this job.
  13. I don’t think you can just open up banks like you do with shops.;;
  14. I think it’s a good idea! Tell them to contact me
  15. It was fun talking to you, Yoosung. Bye!
  16. Jaehee, talk to you later!


  1. Heya Seven.
  2. Wow, I want to know! How?
  3. Any Answer or Choice
  4. Guess you really love cars >.
  5. Wow so cute! Seven’s cute!
  6. Always be careful meow
  7. Aight. Just let me know what you feel safe telling me.
  8. Any Answer or Choice


  1. Jaehee, how’s work?
  2. Do you think Ms. Vanderwood is important to Seven?
  3. Any Answer or Choice
  4. It’s Jumin Han!!! The handsome man in a suit!!!
  5. You didn’t know?
  6. It’s good to be honest, but I think Jaehee will be upset if you say it right in front of her…
  7. Yeah…
  8. I didn’t even get to say good bye…;;
  9. Jumin, you were never in Jaehee’s shoes, so I don’t think you understand this.
  10. If you just keep a closer look… I think you’d know why.
  11. Uhm… Do you guys want a moment? Should I leave?
  12. He didn’t even give me a chance to say good bye…
  13. Thank you for caring.
  14. OMGOMG Make sure you send me a selfie!!


  1. : Yoosung, I missed you!
  2. I was a bit caught off guard… But thanks for worrying.
  3. Apparently, that’s what statistics say. I guess you know women pretty well.
  4. Cheer up. You still have hope!
  5. To be honest, I can’t believe that you’ve never had a girlfriend before.
  6. I’ll consider it! Tell them to reach me~
  7. I’ll eat with you in spirit! Yum yum.


  1. Cheer up Seven O Seven! Sevenny! Sevv! Lovely Seven!
  2. Someone’s here.
  3. Nah. We were just joking around.
  4. Evading the question?
  5. No… No way!
  6. So you are a forever-alone, or not?
  7. Any Answer or Choice
  8. I am an open-minded person, so feel free to come out. I appreciate all types of people.
  9. I’m still having fun lol
  10. He ran away.
  11. Don’t go T_T


  1. Wow Zen, I missed ya.
  2. I think Jumin can’t be gay too.
  3. A woman’s instinct! +_+
  4. You smell like a man, lovely Zen!
  5. But you were always considerate towards women… So cool!
  6. Lamb kebab?
  7. I think it’s a good idea. Tell him to email me ^^
  8. Oh….Shower….>_


  1. OMG! Jaehee! Zen was in a motorcycle gang!
  2. I’m not interested either lol
  3. I think it’ll be hard since he’s so unapproachable.
  4. Still, he’s so charismatic to make them sign contracts. I feel like dating won’t be so hard for him.
  5. They really live in a different world, lol. The relationship of rich people~
  6. Sound?
  7. It’d be nice to have Seven here right now.
  8. Good bye… Oh, the one who seeks to be a hero.
  9. He just left.
  10. Does Seven date women?
  11. That damn cat;
  12. Thanks, Jaehee. Bye.

How to Get 707’s Route Mystic Messenger – Day 3


  1. Hi, Jaehee! How about you?
  2. OMGOMG >0
  3. The photooooo!!!
  4. Huh? I thought LOL’s the game Yoosung’s in love with?
  5. I mean, no one can beat Zen.
  6. I’d love to see it in person +_+ Will there be more shows?
  7. That’s a good idea
  8. What an elegant schedule.
  9. congrats
  10. So sorry Jaehee T_T
  11. New girlfriend…? Is Mr. Han single?
  12. …Again?
  13. Jumin, sleep tight! ^^
  14. I guess you never get any breaks, Jaehee.
  15. Me too! Sleep tight!


  1. Are you ok?
  2. Feel like people trust others less and less these days T_T Such a cruel world!!
  3. Seems like you two talk often. He must really trust you.
  4. Thanks for saying that, but everyone’s waiting for the party, so we can’t let them down, haha.
  5. But don’t you already know everything about me?
  6. Any Answer or Choice
  7. I wanna have Honey Buddha Chips and Doctor Pepper for breakfast too! lol
  8. Really? Wow, so jelly!
  9. Sleep tight ^^


  1. Hi, Jaehee! ^^ Did you get to work okay? .
  2. Hope Seven’s health doesn’t get any worse… T_T
  3. Oh~ Congrats ^^
  4. The conservative father vs. the liberal son type of thing?
  5. Having to organize them into a list?;; I feel like that would be so irritating.
  6. Any Answer or Choice
  7. …Your love life will blossom one day! Cheer up!
  8. And???
  9. Oh no T_T I’m sorry.
  10. I think it’s a good idea
  11. Hearing you say that is making me really sad.


  1. Seven ^^ Good to see you ! I had a light lunch.
  2. lololol Sliced Honey Buddha Chips with me one day.
  3. Give Jumin Honey Buddha Chips!!!
  4. What is that? lolololol A brick? lolol
  5. Any Answer or Choice
  6. Master Seven!
  7. Just like you cherishing you babies, Seven? lololol
  8. You should much down that delicious steak!!!
  9. Any Answer or Choice
  10. Any Answer or Choice
  11. Also Any Answer or Choice
  12. Gosh~ I want to eat a perfectly grilled steak too.
  13. Let’s invite him to the party!!
  14. 1lololololol Melanin.
  15. Never get sick of those chips lol But it’s not good to eat chips all the time~
  16. There’s also the Law of Melt and Chew
  17. Melt it and then chew it. lol
  18. What’s Mr. Han doing?
  19. You don’t think… No way…
  20. If you aren’t, say so clearly +_+
  21. Bye bye to your money source…
  22. Seven, what if you pass out living like that. I’d be so sad T_T
  23. Good night then. Dream about me.


  1. Hiya, Yoosung.
  3. I wish he’d take care of himself… I guess he gets stressed out a lot.
  4. What is?
  5. I want to know too!!!
  6. I don’t know why anyone would bother to create an image like that.
  7. I want one too +_+
  8. Maybe he hacked somewhere to get it?
  9. lolol Save one for me too~
  10. Hmm. I think that’s just a prejudice.
  11. Nothing will change just by being jealous.
  12. Let’s all keep our courtesy. ^^
  13. Of course, I’m sure of it.
  14. Just go.
  15. Talk to you later. Bye bye.
  16. Any Answer or Choice
  17. You’ll be okay, Jaehee!


  1. Any Answer or Choice
  2. Why can’t they just resemble your looks;; tsk tsk
  3. Ya. That’s the one they should try to copy.
  4. Rich people are so different.
  5. Yeah. No wonder he’s so comfortable with his father.
  6. Am I the only one who thinks that’s just an excuse?
  7. Can’t believe that. lol
  8. OMG, a diamond?
  9. Any Answer or Choice
  10. I’d feel like I’d always be nervous about losing a pen like that;;
  11. Jumin, aren’t you being too square? lol
  12. ;;;; You’re kidding?
  13. Let’s do that lol
  14. Any Answer or Choice
  15. Celebrities…!?
  16. I think Jumin’s a bit too square. lol
  17. Good bye.
  18. Are you jealous too?
  19. You’re so awesome, Zen… I can almost feel you passion.
  20. Good bye, Zen~ Good luck today! I really hope to see you on stage some day.


  1. Seven~ Calm down.
  2. It must be tough T_T
  3. Tsk tsk. Not everyone can do that, you know.
  4. Let’s sell her autograph and make money money!!
  5. Tom… Such a familiar name. I feel like there’s at least one Tom in every neighborhood.
  6. I think you’ll have a better chance of finding her contacts by hacking lol
  7. I’m just keeping my faith in V.
  8. Yoosung, let’s just wait a bit more~
  9. Yoosung, first calm down~
  10. I’m sure V and everyone else will take care of it.
  11. What, Yoosung… Is that what this was about?
  12. I agree.
  13. You were nice and Santa brought it to you?
  14. A story leads to another story and that leads to another…
  15. It must be an emergency!! Everyone evacuate!
  16. Ya… He just ran off.
  17. Okay… Don’t worry. The party will happen for sure.
  18. It’s not good to spend so much time playing games.


  1. I did. How about you, Seven?
  2. Have you ever been exploited before?
  3. I want to know! God Seven!
  4. Black market? That’s horrible!
  5. The… the silhouette! A criminal!
  6. Anyway!
  7. God Seven, defender of justice!!
  8. T_T.. I should go wipe my tears.
  9. More money!!! Hell yes!!!
  10. OMG So awesome~! You’re so great, Seven!
  11. So cool!
  12. Eeeekeeekkeekkk!
  13. Wow. How?
  14. Good for you!! You didn’t get a dime for it but at least you got Honey Buddha Chips!!!
  15. Oooh stock market genius! That’s a good idea
  16. I’m jealous of your food, Zen…. It’s gonna feel your pheromone…
  17. Any Answer or Choice
  18. Take care of your health~ I’ll be sad if you get sick T_T
  19. Enjoy it! And take care of yourself~


  1. Any Answer or Choice
  2. Hey.
  3. I’m sure he’ll take care of it. Seven seems to be working hard too.
  4. You only talk to Seven.
  5. To be honest, I love talking to Seven!
  6. You must know each other’s families too.
  7. Women are all the same.
  8. Any Answer or Choice
  9. Please set it asap for everyone. I think Yoosung’s having a hard time.
  10. I think it’s a good idea. Let’s invite her!
  11. Don’t forget to set the date. Yoosung and I are waiting desperately!
  12. You don’t meet with V often?
  13. Okay. Good night.


  1. Hey hey hey!
  2. I thought you two talk regularly?
  3. I hope the date gets set soon.
  4. No. T_T
  5. Should I start nagging you like a childhood friend, Seven? lol
  6. You don’t have any childhood friends?
  7. Yes… Maybe that person is already nearby you///
  8. What’s wrong? Emergency?
  9. Any Answer or Choice
  10. Any Answer or Choice
  11. T_T Don’t go T_T

How to Get 707’s Route Mystic Messenger – Day 4


  1. Did you read what Seven said?
  2. I think he just wanted to mess with you lol
  3. Wow! You’re smart, Yoosung. He can get rich by selling it. lol
  4. It’s kind of convincing!
  5. I want it all.
  6. lololololol I don’t think you can compare the two. Nothing beats Honey Buddha.
  7. Anyway, V was here.
  8. Good thinking ^^
  10. He is!! Let’s invite him!
  11. I’m just gonna stay up a bit more ^^ Have fun


  1. Huh? Seven! You’re still up?
  2. Any Answer or Choice
  3. If Yoosung’s #2, then he must be pretty good!
  4. So awesome meow! I want her to meow too!
  5. Have fun! Rule the LOLOL world!


  1. Hiya Yoosung.
  2. Go add him as a friend. Hurry lol
  3. My Seven is really just good at anything ^^
  4. Yoosung, you have to try harder.
  5. …I feel like I’ll need that .
  6. Yoosung, aren’t you going to school?
  7. A maid… Guess he lives in a different world than I do.
  8. That’s a bit cold, Jumin T_T
  9. Still, you should at least know who she is…
  10. Well, a maid and a corporate heir aren’t exactly on the same class. lol
  11. Nothing you can do about it. They were different from birth.
  12. Jumin, do you know anything about Seven?
  13. How many names do you think he has?
  14. Prayers on her payday…lololol
  15. I doubt it lol
  16. Yoosung, have you thought about getting a religion?
  17. Any Answer or Choice
  18. Maybe something sophisticated? Like Sophisticated Choi? lol
  19. You’re not going to school?
  20. Okay~
  21. Yoosung! Stop thinking about LOLOL and have a good time at school.
  22. lolololol Jumin’s pretty cute.
  23. Bye, Yoosung~ Make sure you don’t skip lunch!


  1. Hungry!!! Hunkie!!!! Hunchy!!!
  2. I want to lick it.
  3. Well, who cares if it tastes good?
  4. God Seven!! God Seven!!
  5. lololololol sin7 cos7 tan7
  6. I was going to ask you through morse codes when we’re alone.
  7. Seven awesome!
  8. Seven, it’s not polite to ask a woman that.
  9. Why doesn’t he just leave his cat with Seven?
  10. Maybe Seven has his own way of loving… ^^
  11. It must be tough for you… Well, I guess it’s all for the company T_T
  12. Seven, you can give him ideas!
  13. I guess Seven can empathize since he has a job too? T_T
  14. That’s such a cool car! Jaehee, did you like it?
  15. God bless you!
  16. But you’re always with God inside your heart?
  17. I can’t! I want to stay here with you, Seven!
  18. I think it’s okay. The cat’s cute
  19. You’re amazing… I hope you don’t get any more work.
  20. You must really like them.
  21. Good luck, meow!


  1. Hey Zen~ ^^
  2. That’s unfortunate. A new role would have been better.
  3. You were on a subway? That’s modest!
  4. Good idea!
  5. I’m more curious of Seven’s real name. He keeps hiding it and I want to find out. lol
  6. Yeah. He always jokes around, but he might have a sad story he’s hiding.
  7. Seven must have his own story~
  8. Yeah, and he’s still really young.
  9. You’re really consistent with it~ Good luck!


  1. 707!
  2. You’re more of the mysterious types, so you can’t post selfies as often. lol
  3. Should I cut your hair? lol I want to.
  4. lololol So no one press for answers meow!
  5. Don’t pierce through my heart! >_
  6. Seven… You’re too popular T_T
  7. Any Answer or Choice
  8. Sounds fun lolol
  9. What a lovely way to put it.
  10. Cheer up, Seven!


  1. He’ll be fine ^^ We’re talking about Seven here.
  2. Run like the wind!
  3. Just take care about school first;;
  4. That looks very different from Zen’s selfie.
  5. That’s reality, boy.
  6. Jaehee’s right. lol
  7. He might actually be right here. lolol
  8. Alright!
  9. When do you go home…?
  10. It must have been tough… So much fur;;;
  11. Cheer up, Jaehee~!
  12. The best man for a woman?
  13. Good luck! Until the day you rule the LOLOL world~!


  1. I missed you Seven! >_
  2. Maybe they gave it to you since you’re such an elite? lol
  3. Any Answer or Choice
  4. How was your business trip?
  5. I wanna take a photo of Jumin picking grapes. lolol
  6. People can do it for fun lol It’s fun to be dramatic.
  7. lolololol I should get my farm hat on! lol
  8. Yes, women who love to climb mountains and stay close to nature!
  9. I don’t drink alcohol or Then I’m going to faint with excitement. For wine, I prefer the French kind that’s at least 30 years old. lol
  10. I want to see Elly too.
  11. I suddenly feel really sorry to Jaehee;;
  12. You must really like cats too, Seven.
  13. Just wait, Seven. Calm down.
  14. I agree!
  15. Seven~ Good luck!
  16. I’m sure Seven means well though ^^; I think;;
  17. I think Seven will get through it though. lol Bye~


  1. Hey, Seven! Working til late? T_T
  2. Nice comparison lolol
  3. The screen sensor will have to work with cat paws.
  4. Wow… Seven, are you a wizard?
  5. Finally, I almost died waiting…
  6. Can we get everything read in a week? Yoosung will get worried again.
  7. Any Answer or Choice
  8. Seven’s been helping me a lot.
  9. Any Answer or Choice
  10. Seven and Jumin? Why?
  11. I’m having fun and enjoying myself! I’m glad for this opportunity~
  12. You put in a bug detector because you were bored? Wow! So fun…
  13. You’re not breaking your promise, right? Yoosung and I will be watching.
  14. Yes, we should ^^ I think everything will be fine with you here!
  15. Yup lolol. I’ll listen and go to bed.

Mystic Messenger 707 Route Walkthrough

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