How To Get Cloth in RimWorld?

how to get cloth in rimworld

Last Updated on 15 December, 2022

How To Get Cloth in RimWorld – Are you looking for a guide that shows you how to get cloth? You’ve come to the right place. Keep reading and don’t miss any detail!

Cloth is among the easiest to use and obtain of the many resources you can use in RimWorld.

Players can use cloth to make nice clothes for their colonists, get rid of the annoying bad moodlet of tattered or nonexistent clothes, and even some floors.

Although fabric has some of the worst stats for clothing and has little attractive appearance for furniture made from it, it is quite simple to obtain and can increase speed building significantly.

Here’s how to get and create some cloth for your colonists in RimWorld so you can get your colony going and have a great influx of goods.

How To Get Cloth in RimWorld

There are only two ways players can get cloth in RimWorld:

  • Buy it from vendors.
  • It is obtained from cotton plants.

The first choice ought to be simple. When they visit your settlement, the majority of traders may bring cloth with them.

But rather than buying cloth from them, you are more likely to sell it to them. The availability of varied colored cloth from dealers is the only distinction. Only the farm can produce light gray cloth.

The second approach is recommended. In RimWorld, you’ll actually have to make your own clothing.

How To Make Cloth in RimWorld

You must start a cotton farm in RimWorld in order to produce cloth. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

  • From the screen’s bottom left corner, select the Architect menu.
  • Selecting the Growing Zone after pressing the Zone option.
  • Create a zone where the cotton will be planted. As soon as you’ve finished, click the zone, “P” on your keyboard, or the plant that is shown to the right (usually Corn plant).
  • Make sure you have colonists who will grow the plants before choosing the cotton plant from the available alternatives.

Now, it usually takes a cotton plant on 100% fertile land about 8 days to grow, so let your pawns plant them and wait until they are ready for harvest.

If you wait until they are fully grown after that, you can harvest them for about 10 cloth per plant.

Bring them inside your storage as soon as possible because they will swiftly decay if left outside.

You can only make a few things out of cloth, therefore we’ll list them here:

  • Billiards table
  • Poker table
  • Molotov cocktails
  • Carpet
  • Flak pants
  • Flak vest
  • Medicine
  • Rustic rug (broad)
  • Rustic rug (medium)
  • Sacrificial flag
  • Hex carpet
  • Mindbend carpet
  • Morbid carpet
  • Fine carpet
  • Flak jacket

When building things made of cloth, you should be careful because they will be highly combustible. It is the easiest cloth to burn in the whole game.

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