How to get Coins in NBA 2k Mobile?

How to get Coins in NBA 2k Mobile

Last Updated on 17 November, 2021

How to get Coins in NBA 2k Mobile? – Free farming methods, purchase prices, and an analysis of buying vs farming

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How to get Coins in NBA 2k Mobile – Free methods

The truth is that farming coins while playing is not easy and it is a shame. But even if you are not going to get rich there are a couple of methods that you should know to farm 28 – 37 daily coins (about 600 monthly coins)

Free Packs

You can open 4 packs a day, a new free pack is available 6 hours after opening the last one. Ppen them for some coins, equipment and free cards. You should get 2 – 3 coins per free pack = 8 – 12 coins per day

Checklist – Daily Goals

Complete all the daily goals and earn up to 20 – 25 coins per day. You will also get other rewards, but there are usually 5 that guarantee coins

How to get Coins in NBA 2k Mobile – Buy Coins

If you don’t mind spending real money, this is what it costs to buy coins:

  • x520 coins: $4.99
  • x2,000 coins: $9.99
  • x4,000 coins: $19.99
  • x10,000 coins: $49.99
  • x20,000 coins: $99.99

Nobody likes to spend money if they can get the same without paying. But let’s analyze what each thing really costs

How to get Coins in NBA 2k Mobile – Buy or Farm?

First, let’s analyze what it costs to get 500 coins depending on the package we buy, because as you already know, the cost per coin is reduced the larger the package is.

  • x520 coins: $4.99 > 500 coins cost $4.80
  • x2,000 coins: $9.99 > 500 coins cost $2,5
  • x4,000 coins: $19.99 > 500 coins cost $2,5
  • x10,000 coins: $49.99 > 500 coins cost $2,5
  • x20,000 coins: $99.99 > 500 coins cost $2,5

The first thing we see is that unless you need a lot of coins, the interesting package is the $ 9.99, the more expensive packages have no advantage over the $ 9.99

As we already explained, you can get around 600 free coins per month by playing. But as you have already seen, buying the $ 9.99 package you get 500 coins for $ 2.5, which means that the value of your monthly farm would be $ 3. So it’s your decision, which do you prefer? a month of farming or pay $ 3?

Our recommendation is that if you like the game buy the $ 9.99 package and as long as you don’t mind, take advantage of the free methods to add some more currency

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