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Last Updated on 21 April, 2024

Want to know how to pick up Devil Fruits in Legacy Piece? We know precisely how to obtain them, but it may take a long!

Legacy Piece is a Roblox experience based on the iconic anime series One Piece, therefore Devil Fruits may be discovered around the realm.

These fruits provide the keys to a variety of unique skills and abilities throughout the game. Here’s all you need to know to obtain them in Legacy Piece.

Legacy Piece Devil Fruits Guide

Devil Fruits can be obtained within Legacy Piece via one method: under trees. Currently, this is the only method to get one. However, a paid Game Pass can help you acquire one.

Finding Devil Fruit Under Trees

One option is to look for them as natural spawning in trees distributed over the game landscape. Keep in mind that these fruits arrive at regular intervals, around every 30 minutes.

The Fusha Island (Starting Island) is unusually densely forested, which may increase the likelihood of finding a fruit there.

Using Game Pass Fruit Notifier

Another option is to use in-game tools to assist you in discovering these Devil Fruits. Players may buy a Fruit Notifier from the in-game store for 2500 Robux.

This helpful tool notifies gamers when a Devil Fruit appears and offers important location information. This greatly increases your chances of discovering a Devil Fruit, which may be superior to your present fruit.

Devil Fruits in Legacy Piece are classified according to their rarity, which has a direct bearing on their spawn probability.

As a consequence, you’re more likely to find ordinary Devil Fruits under the trees than legendary ones.

  • Legendary fruits such as Mera, Hie, and Paw have a 1% chance of hatching.
  • Rare fruits, including Wax, Bomb, Weapon, and Diamond, have a 20% chance.
  • Common fruits like Chop and Spin have a high 75% spawn probability.

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