How to get Diamonds on Animal Jam Free?

Diamonds on Animal Jam

Last Updated on 6 September, 2022

Do you know How to get Diamonds on Animal Jam Free? Of course you can pay for them, but you don’t need to, you can get as many diamonds as you need for free, just playing

Get Diamonds on Animal Jam – Codes & Friends

There are tons of promotional codes regularly released, and you can redeem the codes for rewards like diamonds, gems and more. If you want to ckeck all the available, active and updated codes, follow this link: Codes for Animal Jam & Play Wild

Friends – Gift Cards

If you have friends in the game, ask them for gift cards, because every gift card grants diamonds

Get Diamonds on Animal Jam – Daily Spin

Don’t forget to use your free daily spin because it grants you rewards. The chances of earning diamonds or gems if you don’t have a membership are up to 10%, so you will need at least 10 spins to earn diamonds or gems.


If you want to increase your chances in the daily spin sign up for a membership. Wich also grants you a fix ammount of diamonds depending on your membership:

  • 3 months: grants you 10 diamonds
  • 6 months: grants you 25 diamonds
  • 12 months: grants you 60 diamonds

Get Diamonds on Animal Jam – Diamond Challenge

There are a lot of weekly or monthly challenges that reward diamonds. So first of all check the Animal Jam Blog to know when are the challenges going to be available. Everyone can take part in the challenge, so try to do your best to be one of the winners.

Purchase Diamonds with real money

Of course you can purchase diamonds if you want to spend real money. You can buy packs of 10, 25 or 75 diamonds with your credit card. You have several ways to get them for free but if you need some diamonds is the fastest way

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