How to Get Huge Pets in Pet Simulator X

How to Get Huge Pets in Pet Simulator X

Last Updated on 7 February, 2023

How to Get Huge Pets in Pet Simulator X – The best Huge pets of the game – How to get, available Cat Plushies, Codes, Boost and how to get them

Here you can see the best pets in the game, multiply their damage by two and that is the damage that your Huge Cat could have > Pet Simulator X Value List, also check the Script Pastebin Hacks, the Codes and the Rank RewardsMystery Merchant Spawn Time

How to Get Huge Pets in Pet Simulator X

The Huge Machine, also known as Huge-A-Tron, is located in the Shop area of the Spawn World, the first world you’ll enter when playing Pet Simulator X. To access the Huge Machine, you must pay 10 million diamonds to unlock the large wall next to the bank on the left side of the map.

To make huge pets, you’ll need to have multiple paid-exclusive pets in your inventory. Note that free pets from eggs or quests, such as the Hippomelon, Elf Cat, Pog Cat, and others, cannot be used in the Huge Machine. You must have either purchased a Pet Sim X plush and obtained a physical code or paid Robux for a digital code and pet.

The Huge-A-Tron machine runs on a point system, where every paid-exclusive pet you add to the machine has its own point equivalent. The rarity and age of your pet will determine its point value, with older and rarer pets worth closer to 5 points and newer, less rare pets worth closer to 1 point. Additionally, Shiny pets will give you a bonus of +3 points, Rainbow pets a bonus of +2 points, and Gold pets a bonus of +1 point. To use the Huge-A-Tron, your pets must have a combined minimum of 50 points.

If your pets reach 50 points, it will cost you 800 Robux to merge them in the Huge-A-Tron. The cost decreases to 300 Robux if you reach 75 points and is free if you reach 100 points. However, keep in mind that you’ll still need to pay the 10 million diamonds to unlock the area.

Using the Huge-A-Tron will not create a specific huge pet, but instead create the Huge Pet Egg, which can have one of five huge pets inside. The hatching odds for each pet are:

  • 1 Huge Pterodactyl – 50%
  • 2 Huge King Cobra – 30%
  • 3 Huge Orca – 15%
  • 4 Huge Chameleon – 4.5%
  • 5 Huge Angelus – 0.5%

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Pet Simulator X: How to Merge Exclusive Pets into Huge Pets

By unlocking the Huge Machine in the Shop area of Spawn World, you can merge your paid-exclusive pets to create Huge Pet Eggs. To access the Huge Machine, you must pay 10 million diamonds. The Huge-A-Tron machine uses a point system, where each pet has a point equivalent based on its rarity, age, and rarity enhancement (Shiny, Rainbow, Gold). Your pets must have a combined minimum of 50 points to use the Huge-A-Tron, with the cost decreasing based on the number of points you reach. Merging your pets in the Huge-A-Tron will create a Huge Pet Egg, with five potential huge pets inside, each with varying odds of hatching.

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