How to get Leviathan Crown in Blox Fruits

How to get Leviathan Crown in Blox Fruits

Last Updated on 30 November, 2023

How to get Leviathan Crown in Blox Fruits – NPC & Required materials locations, Buffs, and several tips that will make your search easier

Leviathan Crown is a Legendary accesory, added in update 20, with super OP effects

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How to get Leviathan Crown in Blox Fruits – Steps

You need to find the Beast Hunter NPC and farm materials, so we explain

Beast Hunter NPC Location

Find the Beast Hunter NPC from the port Tiki outpost (3rd Sea) and to the right of the boat dealers, just climb the ladder of the green-mossy building

Farming Materials

You will need to farm these materials

  • x1 Dark Fragment: Darkbeard drop > The Terrorshark is a Lvl 1000 Raid Boss that spawns in the second sea
  • X10 Leviathan Scale: Leviathan’s drop > Check how to spawn Leviathan here
  • x5 Electric Wings: Piranha’s drop > spawns in between 1-6 level sea meter

It is the easiest accessory to obtain for the Beast Hunter. And of course we recommend you start here, since it will make your farming easier when you try to get the materials for the rest of the accessories.

How to get Leviathan Crown in Blox Fruits – Buffs

These are all the buffs or effects of the Leviathan Crown:

  • +12% Melee damage.
  • +35% Sea Event damage.
  • +25% Increased health regeneration.
  • +40% higher drop chance of Materials from Sea Events .
  • +1 extra Instinct dodge.

It is somewhat inferior to the Leviathan Shield, but it is highly recommended to get both accessories. Since to the defense and health of the shield, the crown adds attack and drop chance, which makes one of the best combinations with which to face the dangers of the third sea.

How to get Leviathan Crown in Blox Fruits – Video Guide

Sometimes with a quick video guide, like this one from StrawHat_Reaper, all doubts are resolved, such as the exact locations.

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