How to get Marathon Medal in COD Mobile?

How to get Marathon Medal in COD Mobile

Last Updated on 9 November, 2022

How to get Marathon Medal in COD Mobile – You’ll soon understand why the medal is called Marathon, but don’t worry, it’s easy to get

How to get Marathon Medal in COD Mobile – Unlock

The Marathon medal is one of the easiest medals to get, you just have to run a total distance of 2000 meters on the map in Battle Royale in a single shot. You don’t need to defeat anyone, in fact, and you will surely end up getting it even if you don’t try. Of course, only the meters you have walked in Battle Royale mode count. It may not be the easiest way to walk around the map without shooting, but you will see that it does not cost you too much to get it


  • The meters you run indoors are useless, you must run in the open field
  • Drop in remote places with little loot, where there are not many players.
  • Try to stay away from the safe zone, as this is where most players gather.
  • Do not use vehicles, it does not compute as running meters.
  • We recommend Trickster, Poltergiest, Airborne, and Ninja

You might be unlucky and land in a crowded area, but it shouldn’t take too many tries to get the Marathon Medal. You only have to walk in areas where you can go unnoticed, as if you were going around a tree, as long as there are no enemies nearby, it is an option as valid as any other

How to get Marathon Medal in COD Mobile – Video Guide

In case it helps, we leave you this video, of less than two minutes, where you can see how the youtuber Vision Gaming manages to unlock the Marathon Medal

As you can see, even though you spend the entire game running, it’s easy not to run into anyone if you don’t want to.

We hope this guide has served you well and you have already unlocked the Marathon Medal. In case you are interested in free gifts, visit our guide to COD mobile redeem Codes. You can also visit our Perks guide and the Best Loadout

Have you earned the Marathon medal in COD Mobile yet? Drop in your opinions about the weapon in the comments section below!

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