How to Get Obsidian in Ark Survival Evolved (Locations)

how to get obsidian in ark survival evolved

Last Updated on 5 January, 2023

How to Get Obsidian in Ark Survival Evolved – Nowhere to be found the Obsidian? For information on where to find Obsidian in the ARK, see our location guide.

The setting of the action-adventure video game ARK features dinosaurs and other wandering creatures along with other natural hazards. Set it in the prehistoric past, and you’ll need to gather a variety of materials to make resources. One of these is obsidian, a rather uncommon and rare crafting material. However, you may make Polymer with the aid of these components, and Polymer can be utilized to make a variety of high-tech and end-game resources. For more info on where to find obsidian in ARK Survival Evolved, see our location guide.

How to Get Obsidian in Ark Survival Evolved

Obsidian is found in glowing black rocks in the caverns and on the mountains. These materials are also accessible close to mountain tops. However, you must first equip a Metal Pick and creatures like Argy or Mantis before using these resources. Phoneix and the Magmasaur are the most suitable animals for this mining task.

So, these are some places in ARK where you can locate Obsidian:

  • On the Frozen Tooth and Far’s Peak slopes, you can get obsidian.
  • To farm these resources, we suggest going to the Lower South cave or the Cave in the South.
  • To mine the obsidian nodes, you can also go to the south east cave or the lava cave.
  • As an alternative, you can locate the obsidian near to the volcanoes in the map’s center. Obsidian may be harvested in great abundance here for use in polymer technology.
  • These valuable resources are located inside the Artifact Caves on the Scorched Earth map.

All of these places contain Obsidian as well as a few crystals and metals.

How to Use Obsidian

As was already mentioned, the Fabricator in ARK allows you to create Polymer using Obsidian. To create the Polymer, you need 2 Obsidian and 2 Cementing Paste. You may craft a variety of high-tech tools, armor, saddles, electric devices, weapons, constructions, and storage with polymer. But you can also craft a number of items from the actual obsidian.

So, the following is a list of everything you can create with obsidian:

  • Arthropluera Saddle
  • Artifact Pedestal
  • Chain Bola
  • Cannon Ball
  • Mirror
  • Scissors
  • Obsidian Weapons (Arrow, Spear, Pickaxe)
  • Iron Skillet
  • Handcuffs
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Pliers

That concludes our analysis of Obsidian’s availability in ARK Survival Evolved. If you enjoyed this article, leave us a comment in the box below.

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