How to get Obsidian Ladder in Steep Steps Roblox

How to get Obsidian Ladder in Steep Steps Roblox

Last Updated on 2 February, 2023

How to get Obsidian Ladder in Steep Steps Roblox – It is one of the most difficult objects to obtain, but also tremendously useful, so we have prepared this guide for you

How to get Obsidian Ladder in Steep Steps Roblox – Guide

Complete the Quest APPRENTICE BLACKSMITH – Here is the quest guide:

Once you reach 700 meters, pass through both castle arches and come to a stop by the campfire. Turn right and enter the enormous medieval structure with the glass windows. Talk to the Blacksmith NPC waiting on the second floor by ascending the stairs. He will give you The Ring, which you must place within the volcano, according to him. Once you reach 753 meters, a big stream of lava will emerge from a rock in front of you that has a dead tree perched atop it. Instead of proceeding to the island with the black tree, turn right and proceed to the end of the thin stone ledge after crossing the rocks divided by the lava stream. There will be a staircase for you to climb on the wall behind the rock. Climb the precision-placed ladder obstacles and the stairs carefully to reach the dead tree. The small lava lake in the centre can be interacted with; it instructs you to drop The Ring by pressing e. In order to obtain the badge and the Obsidian Ladder, do as instructed, then return to the Blacksmith in the molten castle and speak with him once again.

By completing the quest, in addition to the obsidian ladder, you will get the blacksmith badge

About the Obsidian Ladder

The Obsidian Ladder is a dark purple ladder made out of the salt material. It releases small amounts of shiny white particles. It is heavier than the other ladders, meaning it is more sturdy in most scenarios.

How to get Obsidian Ladder in Steep Steps Roblox – Video Guide

Since the APPRENTICE BLACKSMITH mission is quite complicated, we leave you this avloid video guide, in which you will see how to complete each step, until you get the obsidian ladder and the blacksmith badge, through gameplay

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