How To Hatch Huge Happy Computer Fast In Pet Simulator 99

Hatch Huge Happy Computer Fast
Photo: BIG Games Pets

Last Updated on 26 February, 2024

Hatch Huge Happy Computer Fast
Photo: BIG Games Pets

How to hatch Huge Happy Computer fast in Pet Simulator 99 – Roblox experience by BIG Games Pets. This guide collects helpful tips and tricks that will help you to navigate through the update and quickly obtain a Huge pet.

How to Get Huge Happy Computer

Huge Happy Computer pet is available during the Limited Huge Event. It can be obtained in any World 2 Egg and its quantity is limited to a million. However, similar to previous events, the chances of hatching Happy Computer are low. These are some tips & tricks to making getting new Happy Computer easier:

Buy Cheap Eggs

Since players can get Huge Happy Computer from any World 2 egg, we recommend grinding the first few eggs as they allow you to hatch forever. Don’t try expensive eggs; they drain coins too fast and don’t provide a significant drop rate increase.

Choose Proper Enchants

There are only 3 enchants you need to hatch the new Happy Computer in Pet Simulator 99:

  • Shiny Hunter: increases the odds of hatching shiny pets by 60% (improves chances of obtaining Shiny Happy Computer)
  • Huge Hunter: increases the odds of hatching huge pets by 25%. Unfortunately, this enchant is available only via Huge Gamepass.
  • Super Shiny Hunter: increases the odds of hatching shiny pets by 150% (gives a significant chance to hatch Shiny Huge Happy Computer)

Drink Potions

Enchants are helpful boosters for hatching Happy Computer, but you use Huge Luck Boost to increase the odds even further. It will boost a huge luck by a whopping 300% for 1 hour. Lucky Potions and enchants are irrelevant, so don’t use them while hunting for Huge Happy Computer.

Use Auto Clicker

For seasoned players, using an auto-clicker to hatch the best pets is a common practice. But if you are a newbie looking to get the first huge pet, installing an auto-clicker can make the process much faster. Make sure to put your auto clicker on 1 ms, and you’ll hatch eggs much faster!

While these strategies enhance your chances, obtaining a new pet ultimately relies on your luck. Nevertheless, this guide empowers you with the knowledge to maximize your efficiency and embark on your hunt with confidence!

Why You Cannot Hatch a Huge Happy Computer?

The point is that a Huge pet can be hatched only when the Auto Farm is disabled. If you have an Auto Farm ON while hatching Huge Happy Computer, it glitches the hatch animation and you’ll get nothing. Make sure to turn off Auto Farm before going into the hunt for the new Huge pet.

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