How to link Bungie Account to Twitch Account? – Destiny 2

How to link Bungie Account to Twitch Account

Last Updated on 12 November, 2022

How to link Bungie Account to Twitch Account – Steps to link and claim your Destiny 2 Twitch Drops, tons of Starbirth Emblems

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Here’s how you can claim your Destiny 2 Twitch Drops by linking your Twitch account to your bungie account.

How to link Bungie Account to Twitch Account – Steps

It is a very simple process, you will get it in a couple of clicks and you just have to authorize, these are the steps

  1. Login to your Bungie Account: Click on the people icon (top right)
  2. Select the platform you play Destiny 2 on from the drop-down list
  3. Go to the Account Settings page and choose Account Linking (left column)
  4. Select Link Account (Twitch)
  5. Autorize the Link (Pop up window)

If you want to Unlink your accounts just go back into your Bungie account link settings and click the red “Unlink Account” button to the right in the Twitch section

Video Guide

In case you have any questions, we leave you this explanatory video of PiunikaWeb where they explain step by step how to link the accounts

How to link Bungie Account to Twitch Account – Twitch Drops

The reason you are interested in linking your Twitch and Bungie accounts is to be able to access Twitch Drops, in which Bungie gives away Starbirth Emblems.

To get Starbirth Emblems from Twitch Drops all you have to do is have your Bungie and Twitch accounts connected and watch the Twitch Drops that Bungie releases for 30 minutes.

Upon successful connection of a player’s Bungie and Twitch account, all that’s left is to start viewing a participating Destiny 2 stream on Twitch. Once you’ve watched the stream for X** amount of time, you’ll be prompted to accept your award on Twitch and from there it’ll automatically be deposited in Destiny 2 to your Guardian(s)!

Warning: Players should be advised that in order to participate in Destiny 2 Twitch Drops, they’ll need to ensure that their Bungie account is successfully connected to their Twitch account no less than 12 hours prior to the start of any Destiny 2 Twitch Drop event

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