How To Unlock Pekora in Dragon Quest Treasures

how to unlock pekora in dragon quest treasures

Last Updated on 31 December, 2022

How To Unlock Pekora in Dragon Quest Treasures – Discover how to unlock Pekora’s character in this small guide we provide you with.

Hololive’s stable of VTubers grows more popular by the day, and one of their most popular is Usada Pekora, the lovably unhinged rabbit girl. Pekora is a big fan of the Dragon Quest series, having played several of its games in her streams, which is why Hololive cut a deal with Square Enix to have her included in the newest one. Here’s how to unlock Pekora in Dragon Quest Treasures.

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How to Unlock Pekora in Dragon Quest Treasures

Pekora makes an appearance in Dragon Quest Treasures as Pekotte, a special Killing Machine monster with a peculiar scarf in the shape of a rabbit and a blade that is carrot in color, rather than as herself. She may be obtained by using a special gift code, and once you have her, you can recruit and train her just like you would any other monster.

The following is how to redeem gift codes for Pekotte:

  • To access your main menu, click the + icon.
  • To access a text entry, select the Gang menu and then Gift Code.
  • Enter “PEK” into the input box, then click “OK.”
  • Along with Pekotte, you’ll also get 2 Chimaera Wings and 15 Bang Bombs.

Pekotte’s addition to your gang

Visit your home base and chat with Miss Cecily, the pink Restless Armor behind the desk, then select “view prospective new recruits” after you ‘ve used the code. She will present you with the list of new candidates, which includes Pekotte by default. She will join your gang if you pay her 112 Gold for the initial recruitment price.

Pekotte is a rainbow-colored monster that has 167 HP and 65 MP when it first appears at level 15.  She possesses a 90% safekeeping score, a glide forte, and a treasure capacity of three. Pekotte is neutral to everything else and strong against Fire, Explosions, Ice, Sleep, and Poison, as are typical Killing Machines. She is weak against Water, Electricity, Impact, and Debilitation.

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