I Am Future Recipes Guide (2024)

I Am Future Recipes

Last Updated on 25 January, 2024

I Am Future Recipes Guide – All the recipes currently available in the game and the ingredients you need to prepare them

I Am Future Recipes Guide – Full List

These are all the current recipes:

  • Almond Milk recipe = 2x Almonds + 1x Drinking Water
  • Baked Mushrooms recipe = 3x Purple Mushrooms
  • Blueberry Milkshake recipe = 1x Blueberry Jam + 1x Almond Milk
  • Bright Soup recipe = 2x Yellow Flowers
  • Bread recipe = 4x Foliage + 1x Drinking Water + 1x Fish Oil + 2x Lunar Tubers
  • Burger recipe = 2x Bread + 1x Patty + 1x Hot Sauce + 1x Lettuce
  • Canapes recipe = 1x Fish Fillet + 1x Bread + 1x Caviar
  • Drinking Water Bottle recipe = 1x Fresh Water + 1x Coal
  • Energy Bar recipe = 3 x Foliage + 2x Blueberries + 2x Coffee Beans + 2x Almonds
  • Energizing Coffee recipe = 2x Coffee Beans + 1x Drinking Water
  • Fish Steak recipe = 1x Fish Fillet + 2x Lettuce
  • Fish Soup recipe = 1x Drinking Water + 3x Fish Fillet
  • Fresh Water Bottle recipe = 1x Salt Water Bottle
  • Hearty Mushroom Stew recipe = 2x Purple Mushroom + 1x Drinking Water
  • Hot Sauce recipe = 3x Chilli Peppers
  • Jam Sandwich recipe = 1x Bread + 1x Blueberry Jam
  • Latte recipe = 1x Energizing Coffee + 1x Almond Milk
  • Nutritious Salad recipe = 2x Yellow Flowers + 2x Lettuce + 2x Foliage
  • Patty recipe = 2x Fish Fillet + 1x Fish Oil
  • Seafood Salad recipe = 1x Nutritious Salad + 2x Seafood
  • Seafood Soup recipe = 1x Drinking Water + 2x Seafood

We will update this guide incorporating recipes that are added in future updates of the game

How to unlock a recipe?

Establish a flame. By destroying the first one close to where you started, you can access the blueprint.

When you’ve finished unlocking, go to the construct menu and lay one of them down.

Click on the campfire, and then in the bottom left, select the chef tab. The ingredients can then be combined to create recipes. Since there are no components needed, you are free to explore. Upgrade the campfire to open up more cooking space.

You may unlock some of these recipes by placing them in your refrigerator. All of the quest quests have four elements in them. the energy bar excluded. You need to gather all the elements in order to unlock it.

About the game

You wake up on the roof of an overgrown skyscraper, not a soul in sight. Cosmopolis, once a display of metal and glass, lies in ruins and flooded. The decades-long struggle between UNICORP and rival corporations pursuing the ideas of transhumanism seems to have ended with the demise of society. Now it’s up to you to try to solve the mystery of the last days of civilization… and your sudden awakening. Or you can just build your own future and enjoy the loopholes of humanity.

Turn the abandoned rooftop into a big and cozy home. Starting from scratch on an empty rooftop, explore the surroundings, find the necessary resources, tools and artifacts. Build step by step a complicated multifunction base to work and rest: a place to your liking that will fit your way of being and your needs!

Create the necessary artifacts from old household appliances. Old microwaves, rusty cars and old computers, everything works! Carefully disassemble the devices to get the necessary details and put them into practice creating futuristic artifacts according to the plans you will get. By the way, have we already mentioned that you will have a cybernetic hand? improve it!

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