Ikenfell Gem Locations – x20 Rare, x10 Sparkly & x8 Shiny

Ikenfell Gem Locations

Last Updated on 22 February, 2022

Ikenfell Gem Locations – x20 Rare, x10 Sparkly & x8 Shiny, get them all with our guide (explanations and pictures)

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Ikenfell Gem Locations – Rare Gems

1st Rare Gem: Road to Inkenfell > Interact with the trees where a brown path seems to dead end

rare gem 1

2nd Rare Gem: South Dorm > Eastern Bathroom > Inside one stall

rare gem 2

3rd Rare Gem: South Dorm > Wester bathroom > Left stall wall

rare gem 3

4th Rare Gem: Alchemy Lab > Invisible wall above the pipe

rare gem 4

5th Rare Gem: Alchemy Lab > Defeat the boos and find it in the new room shortcut

rare gem 5

6th Rare Gem: Ikenfell Grounds > south from the western exit

rare gem 6

7th Rare Gem: Forest hidden park > go through it

rare gem 7

8th Rare Gem: Snatcher’s Lair > invisible path (bottom of the screen)

rare gem 8

9th Rare Gem: Twilight Yard > Under a bench (South east of the map)

rare gem 9

10th Rare Gem: Twilight Yard > On a stone in front of the path from the entrance

rare gem 10

11th Rare Gem: Astronomy Tower Bathroom

rare gem 11

12th Rare Gem: Great Hall > in front of the middle table

rare gem 12

13th Rare Gem: Great Hall > Complete bathroom puzzle (open doors in order 2nd, 4th, 1st & 3rd)

rare gem 13

14th Rare Gem: Spirit Oval > Eatern Bathroom > hidden path at the bottom of the screen

rare gem 14

15th Rare Gem: Spirit Oval > Western Bathroom > from the Middle stall go to the right stall through the wall

rare gem 15

16th Rare Gem: Ikenfell Grounds > Inspect the tree south of the Great hall entrance

rare gem 16

17th Rare Gem: Oorchard > in front of the middle table (wooden walkway)

rare gem 17

18th Rare Gem: Dueling Class > Sauna Room > Inside the water (top left)

rare gem 18

19th Rare Gem: Southern dorms > Upstairs > Room next to Gilda’s > In front of the fireplace (on the ground)

rare gem 19

20th Rare Gem: Reward from the Gilda boss fight

Ikenfell Gem Locations – Sparkly Gems

1st Sparkly Gem: North Dorms > Giselbert Family Room > behind a bookcase

sparkly gem 1

2nd Sparkly Gem: Ghostly Grove > Find Dancer the Ghost

sparkly gem 2

3rd Sparkly Gem: (After destroying the red vines) Great Hall > pass through the kitchen and find the hidden door

sparkly gem 3

4th Sparkly Gem: Roost > hidden door in first room with water > hidden wall path (bottom)

sparkly gem 4

5th Sparkly Gem: Forest Ruins > Defeat Ghost Legion and go through the hidden path with flowers

sparkly gem 5

6th Sparkly Gem: Ikenfell Grounds > south from the library traveler tree > hidden path to the right > bottom tree

sparkly gem 6

7th Sparkly Gem: Ikenfell Grounds > Entrance of Dueling class > 1 screen east > 1 scren north > inside the hut (requires strength skill)

sparkly gem 7

8th Sparkly Gem: Stacks > 1st room with motion detecting eyes > behind the bookshelf

sparkly gem 8

9th Sparkly Gem: Spelltower > underneath a disappearing statue in the room after the Traveler tree

sparkly gem 9

10th Sparkly Gem: Allcat layer > hidden door to the right of the traveler tree

sparkly gem 10

Ikenfell Gem Locations – Shiny Gems

1st Shiny Gem: Cemetery > right of Groundskeeper’s cabin

shiny gem 1

2nd Shiny Gem: Roost > one of the dark rooms after the water puzzle > behind the stairs

shiny gem 2

3rd Shiny Gem: Dueling Class > left of the boss fight

shiny gem 3

4th Shiny Gem: Archives > where you meet the owl > hidden switch (top left bookcase) > hidden door

shiny gem 4

5th Shiny Gem: Archives > after defeating owl, but before getting the garden’s key > room to the right

shiny gem 5

6th Shiny Gem: Stacks > 1st room

shiny gem 6

7th Shiny Gem: Spelltower > where the 3 chest are

shiny gem 7

8th Shiny Gem: Gardens entrance > 1 screen up > behind 1st right plant

shiny gem 8

Gems Achievemets

We recommend you to find the 38 gems as soon as you can, but you will also need them to unlock two achievements:

  • Defeated the Allcat
  • Updraded all Gem accesories

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