Is Dyson Sphere Program Multiplayer?

Is Dyson Sphere Program Multiplayer

Last Updated on 11 March, 2022

Is Dyson Sphere Program Multiplayer? – Does it exist? How might it look? When could it be played?, and…Multiplayer Mods

Is Dyson Sphere Program Multiplayer?

Currently, Dyson Sphere Program does not have any multiplayer functionality. It is something that almost all players have been asking since its launch. At the time there was doubt as to whether they would incorporate it later. But it has been more than a year and it does not seem that the creators of the game have it in mind in their plans. So at the moment the Dyson Sphere Program is a purely individual experience.

Is Dyson Sphere Program Multiplayer Coming?

What -Pulz said is the closest thing to an official statement that we have been able to find:

The game is singleplayer only and there are no plans for multiplayer right now. It hasn’t been ruled out, just not planned right now. With that said, since modding support is planned you may see the community put something together, and maybe when the game is finished the developers will have a look into multiplayer.”

So any future news regarding multiplayer would be quite a surprise. But it’s not a definite “No” either, it’s just not in his current plans.

Is Dyson Sphere Program Multiplayer – Multiplayer Mods

Given the interest that a multiplayer would have for its users, and given that it doesn’t seem that the creators of the game are very keen on the work, Mod proposals that incorporate this function into the game are proliferating. And perhaps the most popular is Nebula’s

Nebula Multiplayer Mod

In case you did not know it, we explain the steps to use the most popular Multiplayer mod:

Here are the things that you need:

  • The r2modman ModManager: r2modman
  • Hamachi: Hamachi
  • The NebulaMultiplayerMod

First, install the ModManager and Hamachi.

This guide is only about the mod. You have to find out somewhere else how to set up Hamachi.

  1. Install the ModManager
  2. Select Dyson Sphere Program
  3. Creates a new profile
  4. Search the mod “NebulaMultiplayerMod” and install it.
  5. Start the game with the ModManager

That’s it! The Multiplayer entry can now be seen in the main menu. Of course, everyone needs the mod. So client and host.

Hopefully in the not too distant future, multiplayer will be officially incorporated into the game. But you have already seen that if you want to play Dyson Sphere Program with your friends it is possible, even if it is thanks to the Mods. We hope this guide has been useful to you.

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