Jagged Alliance 3 Best Mods (2023)

Jagged Alliance 3 Best Mods

Last Updated on 9 September, 2023

Jagged Alliance 3 Best Mods – Better drops, infinite mines, show chance to hit, Active pause, IMP, Crafting to Bag and more

Jagged Alliance 3 Best Mods – Show Chance To Hit

Displays chance to hit on different body parts and the health bar of units. Jagged Alliance 3 is a game meant to represent firefights in their entire chaotic and messy glory. Visible chance to hit is not the kind of core experience we had in mind while building and balancing the game.

Download Show Chance To Hit Mod > Here

Jagged Alliance 3 Best Mods – Cheat and Developer Enabler

  • With this Mod you can Enable the Cheat Menu and Developer Mode.
  • As a Bonus you get a Free Cam Option.
  • To install this Mod extract the .rar inside “AppData\Roaming\Jagged Alliance 3\Mods”
  • if the Folder does not exist you need to create it.
  • Activate it in the Mod Manager and under Options you will find Mod-Options.

Download Cheat and Developer Enabler Mod > Here

Jagged Alliance 3 Best Mods – ExpectedDrop

This simple mod changes drop chance for more expected. The main idea is that if they had a weapon, they drop it. Also other item chances are increased.

  • More details of chances in percentage:
  • Ammo 25 (default 7)
  • Armor 20 (default 4)
  • Firearm 100 (default 12)
  • Grenade 100 (default 5)
  • HeavyWeapon 100 (default 12)
  • Medicine 100 (default 100)
  • MeleeWeapon 100 (default 12)
  • Ordnance 50 (default 50)
  • QuickSlotItem 50 (default 50)
  • ResourceItem 50 (default 30)
  • ToolItem 25 (default 15)
  • Valuables 100 (default 100)

Download ExpectedDrop Mod > Here

Jagged Alliance 3 Best Mods – Make IMP Great Again

  • Expand skill pool and selectable number
  • Attribute points and upper and lower limits
  • Create multiple IMPs
  • Make IMP a legend
  • Add new prek

Download Make IMP Great Again Mod > Here

Jagged Alliance 3 Best Mods – evermine (mines never run out)

One can never have too many diamonds, right?”Having a stable financial situation is essential for a professional in the mercenary industry. For this reason, we recently gave experimental mining equipment—free of charge and for promotional purposes—to all of Grand Chien’s mines. Drill 7200% Deeper for Only 3600% the Cost – Archimedes Mining Corp.Your mines won’t ever run out of diamonds thanks to this hack.

Download evermine (mines never run out) Mod > Here

Jagged Alliance 3 Best Mods – IMP Portraits

Adds new portraits to IMP, so far 17, maybe more coming

Download IMP Portraits Mod > Here

Jagged Alliance 3 Best Mods – Crafting items to Squad bag

Allows putting specific list of crafting items to squad bag. Leaving you with more space in inventory.

Download Crafting items to Squad bag Mod > Here

Jagged Alliance 3 Best Mods – Uberimp

When building your IMP Merc, this Mod lets you assign your attributepoints anyway you see fit.Too frail to handle a gun? Too sick to take a serious hit? Can’t manage to handle a cup of water without spilling it?IQ on par with Albert Einstein? Lynx-level accuracy? Can you break a rock with just your hands?Fellow mercenaries, look no further—this mod is for you!

to install simply extract to C:\Users\YOURPROFILENAME\AppData\Roaming\Jagged Alliance 3\Mods\uberimp
to activate you need to start up the game and navigate to the mod menu and select uberimp

Download Uberimp Mod > Here

Jagged Alliance 3 Best Mods – Active Pause

Simple mod that adds Active Pause feature. Activated with pressing Spacebar

Download Active Pause Mod > Here

Vanilla portraits for IMP Mod

Adding Vanilla Portraits to IMP (test), plus their body and voice.

Download Vanilla portraits for IMP Mod > Here

AMMO better icons Mod

Modification improves appearance of Ammunition icons, increases capacity from 500 to 750.

Download AMMO better icons Mod > Here

Drop Everything but 50 Percent of it Mod

This a is my version of the “Drop Everything” mod. Its the 100% droprate but reduced to 50% because 100% is way too overpowered. The base droprate should be something like 10-15% idk exactly.

Download Drop Everything but 50 Percent of it Mod > Here

About Jagged Alliance 3

When the elected president disappears and a paramilitary group known as “The Legion” seizes control of the countryside, Grand Chien, a country with abundant natural riches and sharp political divisions, is plunged into anarchy. The President’s family has now pooled all of their funds, made a deal with the influential Adonis corporation, and hired a team of expert mercenaries to find the President and restore law and order to the nation.

Choose from a wide cast of mercenaries in Jagged Alliance 3 who all have their own distinctive personalities, idiosyncrasies, and backstories. Then set off to discover Grand Chien as you make new friends, amass wealth, expand your team, and finally decide for yourself what will happen to the nation.

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