King Of Avalon Game Guide – Tips To Advance (March 2023)

king of avalon game guide

Last Updated on 2 March, 2023

King Of Avalon Game Guide – The best tips and tricks that will allow you to progress through the story of this entertaining medieval strategy game can be found in this article. Don’t miss it!

The developers of well-known games like Guns and Glory, Century Games, are the developers of the strategic smartphone game King of Avalon.

The King Arthur and the Round Table Knights legend served as the inspiration for the game.

Along with fantasy elements to make the game’s journey even richer.

Your goal is to defend your city, reclaim lost territory, raise a powerful army, and achieve the highest honor.

Take full use of the medieval strategy game with our guide.

King of Avalon is a cost-free download from Google Play and the App Store.

King Of Avalon Game Guide – Basic of the game

In the story-driven strategy game King of Avalon, you must hone your war and tactics abilities.

The main objective of the game is to develop a strong army, a powerful city, and fight rival players to gain resources.

You will immediately begin to experience the story plot and an in-game tutorial when the game first launches.

It will describe and explain the basic controls. You’ll get the chance to protect and reclaim your lost city parts.

Unlock the basic buildings, then construct the necessary structures to advance.

You will accomplish tasks, receive awards, build up your army, raise dragons, engage in battle for resources with your enemies, and find priceless riches as you travel.

King Of Avalon Game Guide – Building, buildings, and resources

Building structures and upgrading them to gain access to better resources is the fundamental aspect of progress in King of Avalon.

The Stronghold serves as your primary operational base in the city.

You will be able to strengthen your defenses (wall, watchtower), attack power, and other features more as your Stronghold advances in level.

Resources like food and wood are needed for constructing new structures or repairing existing ones.

You can get these materials from your farm (food) and sawmill (wood), as well as from battling your enemies, finishing quests, and other activities.

For extra building space, you should always unlock new land plots whenever you can because the more production you get, the more you can grow and the faster it will go.

King Of Avalon Game Guide – Training, troops, and quests

One of the main objectives in the game is to train your army, as they will control your offensive power and how quickly you can gather resources outside of your city.

The four main troop types you begin with are infantry, cavalry, bowmen, and siege troops.

The more experienced your troops are, the more likely you are to defeat the opposing faction.

Therefore, don’t simply upgrade your structures; also remember to train your troops.

The main plot of the game is composed of quests, which provide many rewards. They are separated into main quests and side quests.

If you want to move on in the story and read more chapters, you must complete the main quest.

You can ignore side quests because they won’t stop you from progressing forward.

However, as they provide additional resources that are important for leveling up, we strongly suggest you to do side quests as well.

You can advance through the game more quickly if you complete side quests, especially early on.

If these are insufficient, we advise you to join an alliance to receive assistance from other alliance members, access to an exclusive store, and other bonuses.

King Of Avalon Game Guide – Talent points and upgrading

Another approach to accelerate the expansion of your city is to use Talent Points.

Three groups are made up of them:

  • War
  • Economy
  • Balance

Your army’s attack, defense, health, speed, and other stats will all increase if you chose to use your points in the war category.

Your building, production, research, gathering, and development will all boost with economy points.

Finally, balance points boost troop capacity, training, storage protection, recovery, and other things in addition to making monster hunting simpler.

Because of the versatility of the talent point system, you can build your perfect playing style and become stronger in the way you wish.

Heroes and summon rates

Hero summoning is divided into two types: normal and advanced. One free normal summoning is offered each day.

You can get the 30 Silver Summoning horns needed for more summons by completing quests and other tasks.

The same holds true for advanced summonings, with the exception that gold summoning horns are required in place of silver ones.

They can be obtained in a variety of methods, such as through quest rewards and purchases.

The rates for each sort of summon in the game are listed below:

Summoning Drop Rates:


  • Blue Hero or Fragment: 9.09%
  • Green Hero or Fragment: 40.40%
  • Hero EXP (blue): 37.87%
  • Hero EXP (green): 12.64%


  • Purple Hero or Fragment: 23.11%
  • Blue Hero or Fragment: 23.68%
  • Green Hero or Fragment: 21.05%
  • EXP Hero (purple): 17.54%
  • Hero EXP (blue): 11.70%
  • Hero EXP(green): 2.92%


  • Orange Hero or Fragment: 15.35%
  • Purple Hero or Fragment: 45.26%
  • Blue Hero or Fragment: 10.95%
  • Hero EXP (purple): 18.96%
  • Hero EXP (blue): 9.48%

Each game character has their own special talents that, depending on how they play, might give you different power-ups.

Therefore, to ensure the greatest outcome and a greater possibility of triumph, be sure to thoroughly examine the skills of your heroes.

Dragon System

Dragons are significant non-player characters (NPCs) in the game and one of your greatest allies who will support you on your quest.

In the Dragon Lair, your dragons will hatch and grow up.

Keep in mind that upgrading the lair will lower the EXP cost for upgrading your dragons—after maxing out the lair, it will be reduced by almost 22%.

Dragons are also like unending, stronger permanent benefits.

Dragon benefits include:

  • Enhancements to troop health, attack, defense, marching speed, and load
  • Speed of Resource Gathering
  • Infantry Damage Boost vs. Bowmen
  • Damage Reduction Between Infantry and Bowmen
  • Monster March Speed

In addition to the benefits already described, dragons have skills similar to those of heroes that can even be improved.

Furthermore, dragons can develop to obtain additional stars and boost your stats more significantly.

About King Of Avalon

King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare is a strategy and management game in which players will have to lead a small kingdom, which will gradually grow until it becomes a true empire.

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