Knightcore: Sword Of Kingdom Codes – Updated 2024

Knightcore: Sword Of Kingdom Codes
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Last Updated on 12 April, 2024

Here is a list of all the Knightcore codes you can use, both ones that are still valid and ones that have ended. Please keep in mind that as more changes come out, more codes may become available.

The game has a lot of different coins, guns, and other cool stuff because it’s a gacha RPG. So, it’s a good idea to get started right away by getting some free stuff.

Noctua Games made Knightcore: Sword Of Kingdom, a strategy role-playing game. The game came out on October 21, 2023, but right now it’s only on Android devices.

Knightcore: Sword Of Kingdom Codes

Because they put some in-game content behind a price, games like Knightcore: Sword Of Kingdom stay free to play. When players use free codes, however, they sometimes get expensive items.

Most of the time, these codes are given out during a sale or a spring update.

Current Active Codes:

  • SWORDREALM – Get 20K Codes by using this code
  • KK100 – 100 Topaz
  • OBONO6ARWAM8 –100 Gems, 5 Gacha Tokens, Large Concentrated Enforcement Stone, and Diamond Cut Statue.
  • TWGOOD – In-game rewards and resources

There are only a certain number of these codes available at a certain time. If you don’t enter these codes ASAP, you’ll miss out on the benefits. Please write in the comments below if any code doesn’t work!

Current Expired Codes

Below is a list of Knightcore Sword Of Kingdom codes which have expired.

  • HsW6na19
  • BLOXN7pR
  • p9kTwfel
  • Lvxdt1saqj
  • rZjcPCb6
  • hnS3Y8rFi
  • J8AtUEwGSQ
  • STnHJlr1QPR

Most of these codes earned secret rewards, but a few had pre-defined prizes.

Keep checking this place for any new codes that might be shared in the next few days.

How To Redeem Codes?

This game has an in-built choice to receive codes.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to receive codes that become available:

  1. Click on your Avatar icon.
  2. Click on the Settings tab.
  3. Enter the code to the “Redeem Code” option.
  4. Press Enter.
  5. Enjoy your rewards!

How to Find New Knightcore: Sword Of Kingdom Codes?

We change our codes section regularly. As new codes of different games roll out, we update their respective articles. Similarly, when a code ends, we make sure it is taken from the ‘active’ list and moved to the ‘expired’ list.

So, your first option to get all the new Knightcore: Sword Of Kingdom codes is this article right here.

However, you can find the current codes on the official Facebook and Instagram Social media sites for Knightcore: Sword of Kingdom. Then there is Discord server as well.

What is Knightcore: Sword Of Kingdom?

Knightcore: Sword of Kingdom a unique tower attack game where Real-Time Strategy (RTS) meets RPG. Where you get to decide in real time the tides of the fight.

Carrying on the engrossing world and plot from the Manga, Knightcore, this game mixes elements of strategy, real-time tower attack, a unique set of collecting heroes, and different troops to take to battle.

Players take on the part of Lords, leading Heroes, and building their Legions to regain the greatness of Camelot.

Players must assess their Legion’s makeup and attack routes, then win maps using different heroes and army types to reclaim the lands of the daemons completely.

Designed to be easy to start, enjoy Knightcore’s deep game experience where users will discover unique methods that change from different tasks.

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