KSP Delta V Map 2.7 – 1.7.3

KSP Delta V Map

Last Updated on 13 July, 2023

KSP Delta V Map 2.7 – 1.7.3 – Full map with Δv required to travel to a certain body – Kerbal Space Program Maps & Guides – also Outer Planets Mod

KSP Delta V Map – Full Map

Fan-made map (credits below) showing the Δv required to travel to a certain body in Kerbal Space Program:

ksp delta v map 1.73


JellyCubes (Original concept)
WAC (Original design)
CuriousMetaphor (Original out-of-atmosphere numbers)
Armisael (Additional out-of-atmosphere numbers)
Kowgan (Design, original in-atmosphere numbers)
Swashlebucky (Design)
AlexMoon (Time of flight)
Official Wiki (Relay Antenna calculations)

If you want to download the map, find it here

Map design by /u/swashlebucky, based on Kowgan’s map for 1.0.4, design inspired by Kowgan and WAC, atmospheric numbers by Kowgan, Vacuum numbers by /u/CuriousMetaphor, additional vacuum numbers by Armisael, Relay Antenna calculations from the Wiki, and original subway concept by /u/JellyCubes

Low orbits are 10 km above the atmosphere or terrain obstacles. All values are measured as vacuum Delta V in m/s. Total values do not include maximum plane change Delta V. Atmospheric ascent values are typical. More/less efficient ascents are likely depending on ascent profile, TWR and aerodynamic effects. Flight time is based on 10 years of average flight possibilities simulated on AlexMoon’s Launch Window Planner from day 1

KSP Delta V Map – Outer Planets Mod Map

Fan-made map (credits below) showing the Δv required to travel to a certain body in Kerbal Space Program – Mod Outer Planets:

Kerbal Space Program Outer Planets Delta V Map

Map design by /u/swashlebucky, based on Misucat’s map for 1.7.5 from May 5th 2015, Outer Planets Mod by Captrobau and Eudae55

Travel time and Delta V are averaged over 10 sample years in 23 year intervals. Plock has a range of values because of its elliptical orbit. Travel times are only rough estimates. Due to the great distances involved, a minor difference in phase angle can have a large effect. Values calculated by Rosco P. Coltrane using TriggerAu’s transfer window planner mod

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