Last Epoch Drops A Huge Patch

Last Epoch drops a massive patch

Last Updated on 1 March, 2024

Residents of Eterra, gather up for Last Epoch have dropped a huge update for its fans. The latest patch has been dropped and it contains UI improvements, quest changes, skill fixes, and more! Check out all the patch notes here.

Last Epoch Patch 1.0.1

Bug Fixes


  • Acolyte: Chthonic Fissure: Resolved a problem wherein the client’s performance was declining due to Cthonic Fissure.
  • Acolyte: Ghostflame: Resolved a bug whereby, when the skill was converted to physical by Arteries of Malice, the ailment duration increase from Occult Embers did not apply to the bleed duration.
  • Sentinel: Smelter’s Wrath: Fixed an issue where its animation would glitch if players used it as the first ability in a scene.
  • Primalist: If your Spriggan Form or Thorn Totems are cold-converted, Spriggan Form’s Healing Totems will now have cold visuals.
  • Fixed a bug where the Falcon’s thrown acid flasks could cause it to consume its own Falcon Mark.
  • The player character would occasionally become completely unresponsive when using a transformation skill (Werebear, Lich form, etc.). This issue has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where Transplant was displaying some necrotic VFX at the original position while using the wrong VFX.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented “Rush of the Hunt,” a Dive Bomb passive, from scaling with the number of points awarded.


  • Resolved a problem where an interaction prompt would occasionally appear when approaching an uninteractive NPC with a gamepad.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented points from being specialized in the Bone Curse skill tree without using the Virtual Cursor when utilizing a gamepad.
  • Fixed the Social Panel’s controller navigation
  • Fixed the Choose Mastery panel’s controller navigation.
  • The “Quest Completed” popup controller navigation has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug whereby, after navigating the quest list, some controller inputs on the map would lock.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the player to lose their place on the Item Gifting D-Pad when they closed the window while an item was still inside.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the D-Pad Cursor from working with Configure Stash Tabs.
  • A bug that allowed the virtual keyboard to become unresponsive and prevent the player from using the gamepad for inputs has been fixed.
  • Upheaval’s VFX was playing when you were just summoning the totem, but that bug has been fixed.

Last Epoch isn’t the only dropping a massive patch with Palworld joining the party too.


  • Resolved a problem that occasionally caused a disconnect during a party transition.
  • Resolved a problem wherein the patrols of the Infernal Husk in the Forgotten Graves would not spawn a map marker.
  • Modified the soundtrack for the scenes “The Ancient Forest,” “The Verdant Lakes,” and “The Ancient Cavern.”
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the quest “Immortal Empire” from being finished if Risen Lakes was skipped and the “Admiral’s Dreadnaught” quest was either active or completed before returning to Risen Lakes.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some enemies from animating when they joined the fight late.
  • A bug where the death animation of a Last Refuge Guard was looping was fixed.
  • Resolved Move Or Break Destructible not functioning with left click
  • Fixed a few Rogue and Acolyte clipping issues, as well as a short Sentinel clip
  • Fixed a bug where the Wraithlord would not despawn when you unequipped Wraithlord’s Harbour

UI Improvements

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the game version from displaying updates
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an item label to disappear when it dropped if you were focusing on something else.
  • Fixed a glitch that could have caused legacy characters to appear as the wrong hardcore character.
  • Bug fixed: dodges no longer displayed floating combat text. Corrections and changes made to the localization
  • Fixed a bug where the inventory user interface would not close properly when the Ladder menu was opened.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused the overlay map’s zoom to default to very high levels, giving the impression that it wasn’t working at all.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused the tooltip item’s gamble/purchase prompt to appear extremely large.
  • Resolved an issue wherein trying to quickly move non-equipable objects, like keys, to the forge would cause them to vanish.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some passives’ UI elements to stay visible even after their points were eliminated.
  • Fixed a layer bug affecting the Rogue T10 Helmet
  • Several Acolyte and Rogue animations were fixed.
  • Resolved a problem that sometimes caused you to be unable to see or pick up objects that are on the ground.
  • Fixed a bug where player characters would sometimes display the default name of a bear emoji instead of their gear visuals or display names.
  • Fixed an issue in Thetima where quest icons above NPC’s would not always update properly

Quest & Scenes

  • Resolved a problem in Lost Catacombs where a boulder was blocking the path. Echo Scene with a Monolith
  • Added numerous fail-safes so that, once The Scorched Grove is finished, the Heoborea waypoint can be unlocked.
  • Fixed-object collision at the Osprix Warcamp railroad stop
  • Fixed an immovable chest that is fixed in The Burning Pier
  • Fixed the Burning Pier’s fixed non-animated NPC
  • The scene of Forest Trails Monolith has a fixed ground texture now.
  • The placement of the fixed shrine in The Wengari Fortress
  • Corrected a visually absent portion of the Mak’Elka Lower District floor.
  • Repaired Alric’s cage so that it was not visible in the Dreadnought’s deck
  • Fixed a bug where the positions of the Soul Cages were hidden if you died on the step where Yulia was killed and later returned to the zone.


  • Added a feature that allows it to remember the last language used for chat, so the system language is used the first time rather than always defaulting to English.
  • Added animation for gold spawning
  • Improved Welryn Outskirts performance, added Scene Variants for five more Monolith Echo Scenes, and enhanced overall performance.
  • The completion of “Jump the Deck” is now limited to happening when you enter the next scene. If the player, for whatever reason, does not proceed to the next scene, this enables the quest tracker to continue pointing to it.
  • Allows players to continue without utilizing the time rift by unlocking the waypoint to End of Time after Pannion creates the Rift to Chapter 2.
  • Added a check to see if players who started the quest before the previous patch finished Artem’s Offer.
  • For players who leave after finishing Deep Harbor but don’t go to Lake Liath, there is now an additional waypoint unlock for Lake Liath.
  • Added support for merging faction progress when leaving either Solo Character Found (SCF) or Solo Account Found (SAF) Challenges:
  1. When you abandon an SCF character, this merges the faction progress with your SAF progress.
  2. When you abandon a SAF character, this merges the faction progress with your normal progress.
  • The settings panel’s options have been fixed to prevent unintentionally leaving SAF as a SCF.
  • Changed Brigandine Boots to utilize the 3D artwork for Primalist on T25 Boots
  • To load the friends list immediately upon startup rather than waiting for the social panel to open, the refresh on start function was added to the social panel.
  • Diminished capacity of Ulatri Scavenger’s Firebreath
  • The Healing of Spriggan Form If your Thorn or Spriggan Form totems have been cold converted, they can now display cold imagery.
  • Fixed a bug where, when the skill was converted to physical by Arteries of Malice in the Ghostflame tree, the ailment duration increase from Occult Embers did not apply to the bleed duration.

Read the full patch notes here.

The developers of Last Epoch have promised more updates soon in the form of another patch or two. Thanking the fans for their relentless feedback and bug reports, they gave assurance that their team is hard at work on addressing all of them.

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