Last Pirates Roblox Map

Last Updated on 13 July, 2023

Last Pirates Roblox Map – Game by Last EXE – World map with all the Islands marked and levels required for each island

If you need help to level up, check the Last Pirates Codes, Trello and Devil Fruit Tier List


Last Pirates Roblox Map

Complete and high resolution map of the Roblox game developed by Last EXE

This is the world map, check the level required for each island, as well as the teachers, sellers, spawns, raids, fruits and points of interest in the next section

Islands Map Locations

These are all the islands, their requirements, and their locations:

  • Starter Island – Level 1 to level 30
    • Black Market
    • Collector Spawn
    • Gift Box Sellers
  • Carnival Island – Level 30 to level 150: Southeast from the starter Island
    • Cutlass Seller
    • Collector Spawn
  • Stone Island – Level 150 to level 200: Northwest from the starter Island
    • Suspicious Red Astronaut
    • Buso Haki Teacher
    • Collector Spawn
  • Justica Isle – Level 200 to level 400: Southwest from the starter Island
    • Katana Seller
    • Fruit Gacha
    • Collector Spawn
  • Restaurant Ship – Level 400 to level 600: South from Marine
    • Black Leg Teacher
  • Arlong Park – Level 600 to level 700: Northeast from the starter Island
    • Fishman Karate Teacher
  • Snow Town – Level 700 to level 950: South from Yeti Island
    • Bisento v2 Seller
  • Sky Island – Level 950 to level 1100: West from Marine
    • Thunder God Spawn
  • Banadian Isle – Level 1100 – 1400: North from Starter Island
    • Saber in a Stone
    • Bisento in a Stone
    • Tree Monster Spawn
    • Shusui Seller
  • Judas Isle – Level 1400 – 1500: North from Starter Island
    • Ken Haki Teacher
    • Flame Emperor Spawn
  • Marine Ford – Level 1600 – 1900: North from Starter Island
    • Budha Spawn
  • Desert Island – Level 1900 – 2300: North from Starter Island
    • Nothing Known
  • Colosseum: Sword Man Spawn & Golem Spanw
  • Factory:
    • Haki Color Changer
    • Stat Resetter
    • Fruit Bag Slot Seller
    • Factory Raid
  • Skull Island:
    • Kaido Spawn

If you need to find anything that we have not included in the map or the locations, leave us a comment and we will try to help you.

Last Pirates, by Last EXE > Here

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  1. im looking for info about what time the boss spawn like tree monster or swordsman and the drop/fruits rates too…ty in advance:)

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