Leaf Blower Revolution Artifacts Guide

Leaf Blower Revolution Artifacts

Last Updated on 4 November, 2023

Leaf Blower Revolution Artifacts Guide – How to get & unlock, and all their locations, effects and spawn rates

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Leaf Blower Revolution Artifacts – How to Get Artifacts?

In “Neighbor’s Garden” & “Space” you’ll find clues for the first two artifacts

  • Once you get the first two getting the rest is a matter of waiting
  • The artifacts spawn like leaves but don’t move, just hover over them to pick em up
  • There is a 10 second window to pick up the artifacts
  • all but the first two artifacts are consumable

Requirements to Unlock

Buy the Unlock Artifacts BLC upgrade for 50m BLC

Leaf Blower Revolution Artifacts – Full List

There are x11 Artifacts, check their locations, effects, and spawn rates:

  • Time Crystal – Location = Space: the Time Crystal will indicate when a certain artifact will spawn. It cannot be picked up twice and can’t be used.
  • The Compass – Location = the Neighbor’s garden: the Compass will let you know in what location certain artifacts will spawn. It will not spawn twice and will be kept after it has been collected.
  • Water Seal – Location = the Abyss: the Water Seal will open up The Hidden Sea for the player to access. It cannot be picked twice and can’t be used. (The Hidden Sea requires access to The Abandoned Research Station before accessing)
  • Zoo Necklace – Location = The Cheese Pub at the slot machine: For 3 cheeses, there is a chance to drop it, the Zoo Necklace allows you to equip another Pet. It cannot be picked twice and cant be used. If it hasn’t before, the necklace is guaranteed to drop on the 50th round on the slot machine.
  • Blazing Skull – Location = THE VOID (spawn rate = 0,3333/hour): When used, it will instantly spawn 5 enemies. The type and drops of the enemies spawn change depending on the area it’s used in.
  • Enchanted Fruit – Location = the Home Garden (spawn rate = 1/hour): When used, it will instantly spawn 20 random unlocked fruits.
  • Gravity Ball – Location = The Celestial Plane (spawn rate = 0.25/hour): When used, it will instantly spawn a gravity ball that attracts leaves.
  • Orb of BLC – Location = the Volcano area (spawn rate = 0.1667/hour): When used, it will instantly grant you 5% of your current BLC.
  • Strange Seed Bag – Location = the Mythical Garden (spawn rate = 0.5/hour): When used, it will instantly spawn 3 random available seeds. It is currently unknown if this artifact is affected by the pet Raccoono.
  • Vortex – Location = the Abandoned Research Station: When used, it will skip to the second highest Leaf Tower floor reached.
  • Wind – Location = The Hidden Sea (spawn rate = 0.33/hour): When used, blown leaves respawn instantly.

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