Lego Indiana Jones Cheat Codes

Lego Indiana Jones Cheat Codes

Last Updated on 7 March, 2023

Lego Indiana Jones Cheat Codes – Character codes, Item Codes, and how to unlock the secret characters and unlockables – Microsoft Windows, Nintendo DS, OS X, PlayStation 2 – PS2, PlayStation 3 – PS3, PlayStation Portable, Wii, Xbox 360

Lego Indiana Jones Cheat Codes – Full List

List of cheat codes for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo DS, OS X, PlayStation 2 – PS2, PlayStation 3 – PS3, PlayStation Portable, Wii, Xbox 360

Character cheat codes

  • Barranca character code: 04EM94
  • Belloq (desert) character code: CHN3YU
  • Belloq (jungle) character code: TDR197
  • Belloq (priest) character code: VEO29L
  • Boxer character code: 8246RB
  • British officer character code: VJ5TI9
  • British troop character code: DJ5I2W
  • British troop commander character code: B73EUA
  • Captain Katanga character code: VJ3TT3
  • Chatterlal character code: ENW936
  • Chucin character code: 3NK48T
  • Colonel Dietrich character code: 2K9RKS
  • Colonel Vogel character code: 8EAL4H
  • Dancing girl character code: C7EJ21
  • Desert digger character code: 12N68W
  • Desert enemy officer character code: 2MK45O
  • Desert masked bandit character code: N48SF0
  • Desert monkey man character code: 3RF6YJ
  • Desert soldier character code: 4NSU7Q
  • Desert swordsman character code: 1MK4RT
  • Donovan character code: 3NFTU8
  • Dr. Schneider (desert) character code: JSNRT9
  • Dr. Schneider (officer) character code: VMJ5US
  • Enemy Bazookaman character code: S93Y5R
  • Enemy Bazookaman (different from above) character code: MK83R7
  • Enemy butler character code: VJ48W3
  • Enemy communications officer character code: 1MF94R
  • Enemy guard character code: VJ7R51
  • Enemy guard (Nepal) character code: YR47WM
  • Enemy officer character code: 5.72E+63
  • Enemy pilot character code: B84ELP
  • Fedora character code: V75YSP
  • First mate character code: 0GIN24
  • Grail knight character code: NE6THI
  • Hovitos tribesman character code: H0V1SS
  • Indiana Jones (officer) character code: VJ85OS
  • Indiana Jones disguised character code: 4J8S4M
  • Jungle guide character code: 24PF34
  • Kaokan character code: WMO46L
  • Kazim (desert) character code: 3M29TJ
  • Kazim (Venice) character code: NRH23J
  • Laoche character code: 2NK479
  • Maharaja character code: NFK5N2
  • Major Toht character code: 13NS01
  • Mola Ram character code: FJUR31
  • Pankot assassin character code: 2NKT72
  • Pankot guard character code: VN28RH
  • Punjabi dignitary character code: KD48TN
  • Punjabi village elder character code: 46820
  • Sherpa brawler character code: VJ37WJ
  • Sherpa gunner character code: ND762W
  • Slave child character code: 0E3ENW
  • Thuggee character code: VM683E
  • Thuggee Chatterlalcharacter code: CNH4RY
  • Thuggee priest character code: T2R3F9
  • Thuggee slavedriver character code: VBS7GW
  • Willie DJ character code: VK93R7
  • Willie pajamas character code: MEN4IP
  • Wuhan character code: 3NSLT8
  • Young Indiana Jones: Collect all the artifacts in The Raiders of the Lost Ark episode

Item Cheat Codes

  • Artifact Detector item code: VIKED7
  • Beep Beep item code: VNF59Q
  • Character Treasure item code: VIES2R
  • Disarm Enemies item code: VKRNS9
  • Disguises item code: 4ID1N6
  • Fast Build item code: V83SLO
  • Fast Dig item code: 378RS6
  • Fast Fix item code: FJ59WS
  • Fertilizer item code: B1GW1F
  • Ice Rink item code: 33GM7J
  • Invincibility item code: B83EA1
  • Parcel Detector item code: VUT673
  • Poo Treasure item code: WWQ1SA
  • Regenerate Hearts item code: MDLP69
  • Secret Characters item code: 3X44AA
  • Silhouettes item code: 3HE85H
  • Super Scream item code: VN3R7S
  • Super Slap item code: 0P1TA5
  • Treasure x2 item code: VM4TS9
  • Treasure x4 item code: VLWEN3
  • Treasure x6 item code: V84RYS
  • Treasure x8 item code: A72E1M
  • Treasure x10 item code: VI3PS8
  • Treasure Magnet item code: H86LA2

More Unlockables

  • Ancient City unlock: Collect all the artifacts in The Temple of Doom episode
  • Warehouse unlock: Collect all the artifacts in  The Last Crusade episode

Unlock Han Solo

To unlock Han Solo you need to find all the Star Wars-themed doll, chck this video for the locations character code:

Lego Indiana Jones Cheat Codes – Video Guide

In case you have any questions about how to use cheat codes, check out this Gaming Magic 13 video guide

Other Lego Cheat Codes:

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