Lies of P King of Riddles and Trinity Key

Lies of P King of Riddles and Trinity Key

Last Updated on 28 September, 2023

Lies of P King of Riddles and Trinity Key – The locations and answers of the riddles, and the locations of the doors you unlock with the Trinity Keys

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Lies of P King of Riddles and Trinity Key – Answers and Locations

  1. The first thing is to find Arlecchino, if you don’t know where he is, go to the ringing phone close to the Venigni Works entrance (region III), after defeating Scrapped Watchman at Krat City Hall. To access Venigni Works, you will need the key from Geppetto
  2. Once you find it, the answer to the first Riddle is: Human. Answer correctly and you will get your first Trinity Key
  3. For the second riddle you will have to advance a little in the game, after defeating the Fallen Archbishop Andreus boss in St. Frangelico’s Cathedral, return to the same phone
    The answer to the second Riddle is: Candle. Answer correctly and you will get your second Trinity Key
  4. You will be able to access the third Riddle after defeating the King of Puppets boss in the Estella Opera House in region VI. Now to find the phone: go to where you fought the Black Rabbit Brotherhood (Malum District Town Hall Stargazer), go left by the Red Lobster Inn, go up the ladder and you will find the phone in a room on the left
  5. The answer to the third Riddle is: Egg. Answer correctly and follow Arlecchino’s clues to find the third Trinity Key (You have to interact with the two statues so that they point to the Grand Exhibition sign)
  6. Find the 4th Riddle in Krat Central Station Street: From the Stargazer, walk through the archway, go left, right, and left again to find a ringing telephone, Solution: Ergo

King of Riddles’ Surprise Box

After getting all the Trinity Keys and opening all the Sanctums, you will get, go back to the ringing telephone, answer anything, and you will get King of Riddles’ Surprise Box and the last key

Lies of P King of Riddles and Trinity Key – Where to use the keys

Each Trinity key unlocks a door, these are their locations:

  • 1st Door: Venigni Works > Go through the tunnel where Puppet of the Future boss is
    • Reward: Quartz + Blueblood’s Tailcoat costume
  • 2nd Door: St. Frangelico’s Cathedral > Through the cathedral depths, find the ladder near where the big boulders are rolling down
    • Reward: Black Cat Amulet
  • 3rd Door: Estella Opera House > Unlock the shortcut to the King of Puppets boss > drop off the beam by the swinging chandelier
    • Reward: high-damage reduction defensive Frame

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