Little Misfortune Sparkles Locations

Little Misfortune Sparkles

Last Updated on 26 December, 2021

Welcome to the Little Misfortune Sparkles Locations guide, we will provide you the locations of the 16 sparkle points, so you can unlock the achievements Sparkling lady and also Manual Sparkle

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Little Misfortune Sparkles – FAQ

There are 16 sparkle points in the game, and if you glitter all of them you will unlock 2 achievements:

  • Sparkling lady: Uncover all Sparkles
  • Manual Sparkle: Sparkle 50 times

And you will also need to know their locations if you want to unlock the good or true ending, check out the endings guide if you want

So, we are going to provide you all the sparkle points locations:

Little Misfortune Sparkles Locations

Inside the starting house

There are 3 sparkle points inside the starting house:

  • Inside the fridge (kitchen > glitter)
  • Stove (kitchen > soup)
  • Mother

Outside the starting house

Close to the house, but outside, you can find another 7 sparkle points:

  • Car (Yard)
  • Street > Dead Crow
  • When you play with the dog > Beach > Glitter the sparkle
  • George (hanging man)
  • Cemetery > last grave > dig > box
  • Interact with the wallet > store door
  • Fountain (zoo)


At Phantasmagoria there are 3 more sparkle points

  • Entrance sign
  • Giant Fox
  • Skeleton hanging near a ghost


And you need 3 more to complete the 16 sparkle points, so here you have the locations:

  • Bear trap
  • Benjamin’s house > video player
  • Benjamin’s purse

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