Little World Codes – Roblox – Updated 2024

Little World Codes

Last Updated on 3 April, 2024

All the valid Little World Codes in one updated list – Roblox Game by Counter Impact – Get some stars or tokens for the shop, and also xp boosts using these codes

Little World Codes – Full List

Get some stars or tokens for the shop, and also xp boosts using these codes

Valid & Active Codes

  • Duck175K: Emote with this code (New)
  • LegendaryLike: +1000 stars with this code (New)
  • Furniture: +1000 stars with this code
  • House: +1 level with this code
  • Berries: +1 level with this code
  • Squads: 4 hours x2 exp with this code
  • LegendaryLike: Legendary color pod with this code
  • FreeRareColors: 2 Rare color pods with this code
  • FreeColors: 3 Common Color Pods with this code
  • 120KThankYou: Free emote code
  • FreeLevel: Free +1 Level code
  • CarbonMeister: 50 stars youtuber code
  • CDTV: 50 stars youtuber code
  • DrakeCraft: 50 stars youtuber code
  • SnugLife: 50 stars youtuber code
  • RazorFish: 50 stars youtuber code
  • Roblerom: 50 stars youtuber code
  • Cookieboiyt: 50 stars youtuber code
  • ToadBoiGaming: 50 stars youtuber code
  • ItzVortex: 50 stars youtuber code
  • GrumpyGravy: 50 stars youtuber code
  • Baxtrix: 50 stars youtuber code
  • JeffBlox: 50 stars youtuber code
  • GamingDan: 50 stars youtuber code
  • Frash: 50 stars youtuber code

There will be new codes every update and also when the game reaches certain number of likes. So like the game if you like it and you want more codes, and come to our site to see if there are more stars, tokens, or boosts to claim

Little World Social Media Channels

  • Discord: Counter Impact
  • Twitter: @CounterImpact
  • Roblox Group:!/about
  • Youtube: ??
  • Gram: ??

Little World Expired codes

We have tested the codes and they are all working

  • Colors: 1000 stars with this code
  • 120KThankYou: Free emote code
  • GoldenRat: Free boost code
  • Rat: Free 500 stars code
  • 75000: Free 2 hours x2 exp code
  • Egg: Free reward with this code
  • EasterSecret: Free emote code
  • Sand: Free 500 stars code
  • Obby: Free 1 hour x2 exp code
  • Controls: Free 750 stars code
  • BOSSES: 500 Tokens code
  • 1MVISITSCODE: In-game rewards code
  • TY2MPLAYS: In-game rewards code
  • 5MILLIONBUGS: In-game rewards code
  • 1KLADYBUG: In-game rewards code
  • ThankYou20K: In-game rewards code
  • 10MCRAWLIES: In-game rewards code
  • Spider10K: In-game rewards code
  • 5KWorld: +1 Level code
  • 2kBug: 1,000 Stars or Tokens code
  • 1kLadybug: 1 hour x2 xp code
  • RELEASE: 500 stars or Tokens code

Little World Codes – How to Redeem?

Find the codes (twitter) button (right menu) between the achievements and the settings, click on it, and redeem the codes (not case sensitive)

Here you can learn to redeem codes (video by youtuber Gaming Dan)

How to play Little World? Roblox Game by Counter Impact

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Use code “2KBug”
New code at 5,000 Thumbs Up

Begin your journey as a cute little ladybug!
Evolve by collecting fruit, training, fighting others & exploring the map.
Explore the wide variety of bugs by evolving!
Compete in fun server events!

Update v0.2

  • New Event: Falling Tiles > Bug Battle Royale is still here, the events will go one after the other
  • Changing bug no longer heals you to full
  • Event timer changed from 180 seconds to 150 seconds
  • Chests no longer go into negative health

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Note: In-game music & sounds are safe to use in videos. Music composed by @BSlickMusicw by joining our server below!

A game by Next-Gen

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Little World, by Counter Impact > Here

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