Lobotomy Corporation Best Mods (2024)

Lobotomy Corporation Best Mods

Last Updated on 25 January, 2024

Lobotomy Corporation Best Mods – Basement, Super Agents, LOB Points, Customization, Gifts Chances, Infinite Abnormality Extraction, Character Skins and more

Lobotomy Corporation Best Mods – Basemod

This new version of BaseMod supports mods in even more modular forms, and now includes E.G.O Base Mod and Abnormality Base Mod by default!

Note that mods built for v2.9 and older versions of BaseMod will NOT be compatible with BaseMod v3.0. Find and download the newer versions of the mods, and follow the new instructions carefully.

Download Basemod Mod > Here

Lobotomy Corporation Best Mods – More detailed info

This shows your base stats along with how much you’ve gained from working in real time. The first number next to a stat is your base stat with the blue number being how much extra you’ve earned from working on abnormalities. (only gets added at the end of a day)

Download More detailed info Mod > Here

Lobotomy Corporation Best Mods – Permanent Agents

Carry over all agents from previous playthrough. including their Skin, E.G.O, Name, Gifts etc, does not resurrect agents if they die in previous playthrough, this mod is made by abcdcode, i only modify and re-upload it into english version.

Download Permanent Agents Mod > Here

Lobotomy Corporation Best Mods – Gift Chance Boost

After successful work chance of receiving gift will be increased 2x (5% * 2 = 10%). If Agent will get gift then chance of receiving will be default again.

Download Gift Chance Boost Mod > Here

Lobotomy Corporation Best Mods – Increase Max E.G.O

Simple mod that increase max E.G.O equipment limit to 5. good for those who have too many unspend PE boxes, will not work for increasing other mod max equipment as they have their own .txt file (and any mod that edit the same file). contact me if you want to increase max E.G.O support for specific mod.

Download Increase Max E.G.O Mod > Here

Lobotomy Corporation Best Mods – Infinite Abnormality Extraction

Infinite re-extraction during abnormality choosing screen, it will not work until you have unlocked Re-Extraction research from certain Sephirah, this mod is made by Abcdcode. i only modify and re-upload it into english version (with the help of 1 cool modder to fix translation error).

Download Infinite Abnormality Extraction Mod > Here

Lobotomy Corporation Best Mods – Free Change Appearance

Its free now, enjoy.

How to Install
1. Unzip achive
2. Put folder from archive to LobotomyCorp\LobotomyCorp_Data\BaseMods\Basemods (YOU MUST HAVE INSTALLED BASEMOD)
3. Play

Download Free Change Appearance Mod > Here

Lobotomy Corporation Best Mods – Lobotomy Character Skin

Adds Sephirah character as an employee and other story-related character up to 27

Download Lobotomy Character Skin Mod > Here

Infinity LOB Points Mod

Infinite LOB points during preparing menu, you will have 2 billions LOB point but game will display it as ∞, deleting this mod after installing it will reset back to your previous LOB points (if you have 20 LOB points before installing this mod you will have your previous LOB points back after un-installing this).

Download Infinity LOB Points Mod > Here

Super Agents Mod

Is the game too hard ? Do you wish you could just breeze through the game in order to enjoy the complete story ? Then this simple mod is made for you. With this on, you’ll never worry about ordeals or monsters escaping ever again.

Download Super Agents Mod > Here

Employee Re-Customization Mod

Allows you to re-customize the appearance projection of hired employee and existing employee, you will still need at least 1 lob points to customize their appearance and using other mod to decrease the customize cost will conflict with this mod as they edit the same codes

Download Employee Re-Customization Mod > Here

The Lost E.G.O Mod

T-06-27, O-05-30, O-03-88 and O-03-89 do not have some parts(weapon/armor) of E.G.O. This mod will fix and return the lost E.G.O to the game. And they all have special effects.

This mod works only with BaseMod, so you need to install it for work. After select all or a specific E.G.O put it in the folder (…LobotomyCorp\LobotomyCorp_Data\BaseMods). Works with v3-v4 and will be updated as the base is updated.

Download The Lost E.G.O Mod > Here

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