Mabinogi Gold farming guide

Mabinogi Gold farming

Last Updated on 2 February, 2021

Mabinogi Gold farming guide – If you need gold, there are tons of methods to obtain the currency of Erinn, and these are the best ones

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Mabinogi Gold farming – Monster Drops

Tip: Use Lucky finishes to triple the gold drop

Most of the monters drop gold, but of course monsters in harder dungeons drop more

After the corpse disappears any player can pick up the drop, but before the corpse disappears, the gold is only for the player who finished the monster

Mabinogi Gold farming – Chests

Most of the chests contain small sums of gold, but there are some interesting chests

  • Rewards chests after the boss room of the dungeon
  • Chests locked with keys: Monsters of the same floor drop keys

Mabinogi Gold farming – Selling

To open a player shop and set the prices you need an item bag.

Selling items is a good gold farming method, but only for the late game, if you can already clear hard dungeons or have advanced production skills, the incomes are really worth it

Mabinogi Gold farming – Quests

Part Time Jobs: You can choose the reward (gold or EXP), but they are always worth it

Hunting quests: The hunting quests offer the best gold incomes

Hot Air Ballooning

Go to Zardine and slay Wyverns from hot air balloons, you will get random rewards, but you can turn in for gold

Shadow & Theatre Missions

Shadow missions > Taillteann or Tara & Theatre Missions > Avon

The gold reward depends on the type and difficulty, but everyone who took part in the Mission receives 100% of the Mission’s Gold upon completion


Farming > Taillteann > Visit Blatt

Just plant whatever you want, harvest it and sell it, but Premium Service or VIP Service is required to lease a field.


You will find trading posts near most of the towns un the Uladh continent & Belvast Island. Buy anything (with ducats) in any of the trading posts, and try to make profit selling it at a higher price in other trading post

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