Mad City Admin Commands

Mad City Admin Commands

Last Updated on 1 August, 2022

Mad City Admin Commands – Progress Unfrozen, Progress Frozen & Weapon Commands for Private Servers – All the commands for Schwifty Studios’s Game

Mad City Admin Commands – Progress Unfrozen

These are all the Progress Unfrozen Commands:

  • /kick <user>
  • /admin <user> – To give access to admin commands.
  • /unadmin <user> – To revoke access to admin commands.
  • /play <song ID>
  • /stop – To stop current audio
  • /commands OR /cmds – all the server admin commands.
  • /clear – to clear the chatting box.
  • /chubby <user/all> – Large body parts (user or all)
  • /bighead <user/all> – Large heads  (user or all)
  • /smallhead <user/all> – Small heads (user or all)
  • /sandwich <user/all> Ggiant sandwich (user or all)
  • /donut <user/all> – Places users into a donut (user or all)
  • /coffee <user/all> – Starblox Latte coffee cup (user or all)
  • /normal <user/all> – Reverts scaling changes (user or all)
  • /lava – Changes all water to a bright red color that kills players who touch it.
  • /water – Reverts the /lava command.
  • /tazer <user/all> – Trips a player (user or all)
  • /msg <message> Message to everyone
  • /character <userid/name> <user/all> Respawns a player with the appearance of someone else’s Roblox avatar.

Mad City Admin Commands – Progress Frozen

These are all the Progress Frozen Commands:

  • /explode <user/all> – Explodes target.
  • /kill <user/all> – Deals 100 damage
  • /nograv – Lowers gravity
  • /grav – Reverts /nograv.
  • /tp <user> – Teleports to user.
  • /tphere <user> – Teleports user to user’s current location.
  • /tpallhere – Teleports everyone to user’s current location.
  • /day – Sets time to day.
  • /night – Sets time to night.
  • /god <user/all> – Gives invincibility
  • /ungod <user/all> – Reverts /god
  • /mini <user/all> – Miniature-sized (User or All)
  • /giant <user/all> – Giant-sized (User or All)
  • /weapon <weapon> <user/all> – Gives player(s) any item
  • /power <superhero/villain> – Drops a crystal (hero/villain’s choice) in front of the user.
  • /jetpack <user/all> – Gives a Jetpack.
  • /mech – Spawns a Mech Suit
  • /admingun <user/all> – Gives an AdminGun.
  • /seekergun <user/all> – Give players a Seeker Gun.
  • /sheriffdeagle <user/all> – Gives a Sheriff Deagle.
  • /bowarrow <user/all> – Gives Archer’s bow and arrow.
  • /infectedknife <user/all> – Gives an Infected Knife.
  • /repulsors <user/all> – Gives Titan’s repulsors.
  • /ninjastar <user/all> – Gives Rykou’s ninja stars.

Weapon Commands for Private Servers

These are all the new weapon commands:

  • admingun
  • seekergun
  • sheriffdeagle
  • bowarrow
  • infectedknife
  • repulsor
  • ninjastar

We will add more commands as soon as the creators of the game add new ones

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