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Marvel Midnight Suns Best Tips

Last Updated on 16 January, 2023

Marvel Midnight Suns Best Tips – Tips for you to try it on your own, and the complete solution at the end of this guide

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Marvel Midnight Suns Best Tips – List

Do Not Ignore Artifacts in Marvel Midnight Suns

You’ll unlock the ability to Research early on in the game; one of the many pop-up dumps that the game will throw at you explains how to level up your Research level and research items, but you might have trouble remembering that information, so use this as your official reminder: don’t overlook Artifacts!

Simply said, you’ll need to boost your Research level for a variety of reasons, including accessing vital Abbey facilities and completing some primary missions that require a high level. Because I was overwhelmed, scared, and eager to speak with Steve Rogers, I may not have paid close attention and suffered as a result – don’t make the same mistake.

Use all of your abilities to your advantage in Marvel Midnight Suns!

Your cards are just one of many ways you can defeat your opponents. To go on a superhero spree, you’ll need to use everything to your advantage, whether you’re fighting Hydra, Lilin, or the Soulless!

Knock foes against each other, employ environmental hazards, and do not underestimate the Quick cards – these are crucial for dealing with waves of attackers, even if they do modest amounts of damage; you don’t want to have 10 adversaries standing by the time you click “End Turn”.

Maintain Everyone at the Same Level in Marvel Midnight Suns

So, remember how I mentioned being enamored with Steve Rogers? In many runs, I may have taken Captain America, The Hunter, and Blade too seriously… until everyone else was much too low-level to assist me, and then one of them was hurt.

Although every low-level hero levels up with The Hunter (typically a few levels behind), this gap can be lethal on the wrong quest, leaving your characters with insufficient abilities or HP to live and incurring a lot of injuries. Injuries aren’t always a negative thing, but being separated from your core team might be disastrous. To keep everyone on the same page, you should…

Early on, construct the T.H.R.E.A.T. in Marvel Midnight Suns

The T.H.R.E.A.T. is a fighting facility located in Magik’s Limbo on your training grounds. You’ll be fighting swarms of Soulless with one character at a time in it. This is difficult, frightening, and exhilarating to do, but you’ll really want to do it for the XP rewards, especially early on.

To survive three waves of the Soulless in the T.H.R.E.A.T, you’ll need to take one hero. Each kill restores a card play, and dealing with the larger ones nets you more cards to play. To ensure your survival, you’ll need to plan out your attacks, as each card you use and adversary you destroy levels up your heroes.

There Can’t Be Too Many Heroics in Marvel Midnight Suns

Having too many Heroic powers can be damaging to your battlefield capabilities. Even if you can hold more than six cards per turn, having too many Heroics in your deck can result in turns where you can’t hit back at your opponents.

Why? To build Heroic, you must utilize random attacks or support cards, and you will frequently be granted extra attacks in missions that you must employ. You’ll rapidly hit the six-card limit with cards like “Apprehend Agent,” friendship-bonus cards, and other cards designed to help you defend yourself.

Draw as much as you want (Especially If You Have Iron Man) in Marvel Midnight Suns

Cards come and go, and there are no cards that permanently disappear when redrawn; they simply return to your deck, ready to be pulled again. With this in mind, I recommend that you redraw freely; it’s useful to be able to swap out an attack that you can’t use right now for one that will spare you from harm. Heroic cards, indeed.

This is especially important when you have Iron Man; because his cards might become stronger if you redraw them, don’t be hesitant to use your two free redraws to ensure you’re doing more damage than you’re receiving. Sometimes you can’t utilize a powerful card, and that’s fine.

Investigate the Abbey in Marvel Midnight Suns

Everyone falls into one of two camps: either they are enthusiastic because the Abbey is a big estate full of secrets to discover and side missions to complete, or they are terrified because there is more to the Abbey than just turn-based fights. In any case, you’ll want to explore a portion of the Abbey – at least the structure — to obtain some extremely useful goods.

Whether you opt to help Agatha Harkness, read Wanda’s diaries, or go against the Caretaker’s counsel, you’ll want to hunt about the Abbey for flying orbs from all around the world. These can be one of five things: three different sorts of resources for upgrading skills, currency to enhance your cosmetics (such as a Captain America suit), and Credits.

Credits are the reason you’ll want to explore the Abbey, as they can be limited and can be utilized for many of the Abbey’s key services. If you don’t have enough credits…

Train in Moderation in Marvel Midnight Suns

Another blunder of mine: I didn’t realize training required Credits until several hours into my playthrough. Hours, yes. I kind of passed over the “cost” section and skipped directly to the “benefit”, until, one fateful day, I couldn’t train with Steve Rogers because I “didn’t have enough resources”.

Sure, it was annoying that I couldn’t use credits to purchase the Forge for which I’d been collecting Artifacts, but more importantly, no one stops me from training with Cap.

Jokes aside, and shockingly, I discovered I required credits to train when I tried to train with Captain America before a large task and was too poor to do so. 25 credits is such a large sum, but training is quite vital. Do so with caution, but make sure you always have roughly 125 Credits to develop any facilities you desire.

F stands for Friends! in Marvel Midnight Suns

Spongebob said it best: F! is the initial letter of F.U.N. You’ll want to make a lot of new friends throughout the Abbey because doing so will unlock goodies that will benefit you both in making new friends and on the battlefield. I know it’s tempting to spend all of your time with Captain America, but you’ll want to spend time with others as well!

Making friends with the heroes throughout the Abbey grants you access to Combo cards that inflict massive quantities of damage, allowing you to knock out stronger opponents and, most importantly, villains and bosses. These cards may cost 4 Heroic, but the ability to deliver over 100 damage with a single Card Play rescued me numerous times.

Marvel Midnight Suns Best Tips – Heroic Action! in Marvel Midnight Suns

You’re almost done; in fact, you should start the game, run to the Mirror table, and begin a mission. But wait… did you leave something out?

Never forget to complete Hero Ops. They do cost Intelligence, and you’ll need an Intel Cache from random quests to ensure you can complete them, but because your party is limited to three characters, sending heroes on one-day Hero Ops assures they can continue accumulating cards even if they don’t fit in your party for whatever reason.

This way, even if I was transporting Steve Rogers everywhere, I could fool Captain Marvel into thinking she’d be my main tank one day…

Marvel Midnight Suns Best Tips – Video Guide

If the tips are not enough for you and you need to see more tips, we leave you this video guide from IGN. In it you will be able to see through a gameplay how to overcome this challenge in approximately 12 minutes

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