Materia Fusion Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII – What is Fusion Materia in Crisis Core Reunion

Materia Fusion Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII

Last Updated on 17 January, 2023

Materia Fusion Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII – What is Fusion Materia in Crisis Core Reunion. All available information 

Materia Fusion Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII – What is?

Materia Fusion is the act of merging two Materias, and when these two Materias come together. They usually grant stat enhancements.

Fusion can also produce Materia, which can only be obtained by combining two Materias to begin with.

Materia are classified into four types

  • Command Materia: provides physical acts that spend AP.
  • Independent Materia: improves or changes Zach’s stats or Digital Mind Wave powers.
  • Magic Materia: enables Zack to cast magical spells during battle.
  • Support Materia: alters Command or Magic Materia that is equipped.

Where to get Materia?

Some materials are available for purchase straight from stores (many of which require unlocking).

Other materia is created by combining two different types of materia.

Here is a list of shops that sell materia – click/tap to learn more about the shop and how to unlock it:

  • Shinra Building Shop
  • 5 – Sector 5 Material Shop
  • 6 – Sector 6 Accessory Shop
  • 7 – Sector 7 Shop
  • 8 – Sector 8 Material Shop
  • Bone Village Commerce
  • Gongaga Trading
  • The Happy Turtle
  • Junon Souvenirs
  • Mythril Mine Trading
  • Network Shop Duo
  • Net Shop Shade
  • Nibel Accessories
  • Wutai Secret Shop
  • Research Dept. QMC
  • Research Dept. QMC+

About Crisis Core Reunion

The story is set seven years before the events of FINAL FANTASY VII (1997).

Zack Fair, a young and ambitious Soldier. Zack is tasked with tracking down a missing Private 1st Class named Genesis Rhapsodos.

Mission leads him to discover the hidden side of Shinra’s shady experiments and the monsters they have created. Cloud, Sefirot, Aeris and other characters from the FINAL FANTASY VII saga appear in the game.

The use of Materia and the Materia Fusion mechanism is a key component of Crisis Core gameplay.

We have a full guide on how to obtain all Materia in Crisis Core!

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