Mech Arena Tier List – Top Mech & Weapons Ranked

mech arena tier list

Last Updated on 31 October, 2023

Mech Arena Tier List – Welcome to our Mech Arena Tier List. Below is our updated leaderboard, where we rank all the mechs and weapons in the game by their utility and damage potential.

Mech Arena Tier List Meaning

Tier S Mech Arena – These are some of the best mechs in the game, and every team should have one of them.

Tier A Mech Arena – Pretty decent mech that does a good job, but a bit behind the S tier mechs.

Tier B Mech Arena – Decent mech, but not that great compared to S-tier and A-tier mechs.

Tier C Mech Arena – Below average, not recommended, but if you can’t choose anything else, pick these.

Tier D Mech Arena – Weakest mech in the game currently. You should probably avoid playing with these unless your team requires it.

Mech Arena Tier List – Top Mechs in Current Meta

Tier Rating Mech Arena Role
S Killshot Scout
S Panther Attacker
S Guardian Attacker
S Stalker Attacker
A Tengu Scout
A Ares Tank
A Redox Attacker
A Brickhouse Tank
A Zephyr Support
A Juggernaut Tank
B Aegis Tank
B Surge Scout
B Orion Support
B Shadow Scout
B Cheetah Support
C Lancer Scout
C Arachnos Attacker
D M.D Support
D Paragon Attacker

Alright, now that we’ve finished ranking the best mechs in the Mech Arena leaderboard, let’s take a look at the best weapons in the game.

Mech Arena Tier List – Best Weapons

Here are the best weapons in Mech Arena, and as some of you may have guessed, the Rocket Mortar seems to take the top spot. But what are the other powerful weapons your mech is equipped with?

Let’s find out:

Tier Rating Mech Arena Weapon
S Rocket Morter 12
S Rocket Morter 10
S Rocket Morter 8
A Railgun 16
A Missile Rack 12
A Missile Rack 8
A Javelin Rack 8
A Longarm 10
A Javelin Rack 6
A Disk Launcher 12
A Shotgun 8
A Longarm 8
B Missile Rack 6
B Disk launcher 12
B Carbine 12
B Javelin rack 4
B Carbine 10
B Arc Torrent 10
B Disk launcher 8
B Carbine 8
B Shotgun 4
C Plasma Cannon 6
C Pulse Cannon 8
C Arc Torrent 6
C Pulse Cannon 6
C Plasma Cannon 4
C Shotgun 2
C Autocannon 4
C Stasis beam 16
C Pulse Cannon 4
C Stasis beam 12
D Autocannon 2
D Stasis beam 8
D Thermal lance 6
D Thermal lance 4
D Thermal lance 2

About Mech Arena Robot Showdown

Mech Arena Robot Showdown is a free 5v5 arena battle game developed by Plarium and released for free for Android and iOS. Fights are fast-paced and last only 5 minutes, with action taking place across 20+ unique maps, easy point-and-shoot controls, endless mech customization, and more.



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