Melody Gallery Code

Melody Gallery Code

Last Updated on 30 October, 2021

Melody Gallery Code – Do you want to unlock the gallery and you don’t know how? Keep reading and discover the code that gives access to 128 blocked images

Melody Gallery Code

There is an extra version for patreons, a gallery with 128 exclusive images for those who have supported the game. It’s locked with a code, and the code is wonderful

The truth is that for the amount of content, events, images and scenes that the game offers, it is a minimum content. If you’ve already unlocked everything, of course you can’t miss it. But if you are new to the game, we recommend starting with the walkthrough, Since the content that you can unlock knowing the correct choices is infinitely superior and better

How to unlock the gallery? Where to input the password?

It is difficult not to see it, but in case you are looking for it where you should not. Do not start or load a previous game. In the initial menu, as soon as you launch the game, at the bottom right you will see the icon of the extra gallery. You just have to press it and enter the code in the window that you will open later.

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